2014 LED set off a cross-border boom

In 2014, with the full deployment of LED lighting in the market, the bright future of the industry attracted many foreign companies to share the cake, and more and more cross-border operators began to penetrate the lighting industry. How should LED lighting companies deal with the behavior of large-scale enterprises crossing the border? On this issue, the reporter interviewed Liu Kefeng, vice president of Shenzhen Weiwei Photovoltaic Lighting Co., Ltd. and general manager of LED Lighting Indoor Lighting Center, a company affiliated to MAXIMUS.
Regarding this phenomenon, Liu Kefeng is optimistic and regards it as an opportunity to promote industry integration. The more people involved and the more industrial competition, the more likely it is to subvert the traditional lighting industry model and realize the new development of the lighting industry. He pointed out that 2014 is a year of big wave in the LED industry. Only those companies with comprehensive strengths such as product strength, brand power, research and development, promotion and sales force can survive in this year and gradually develop themselves. s brand.
At present, LED lighting technology is not yet fully mature. There are some problems in the industry, such as the inability to guarantee product quality and the lack of innovation, which has led to the vicious competition in the industry. In the full competition in 2014, this phenomenon will be alleviated to a certain extent. The industry must undergo a cruel baptism before it reaches the stage of maturity. Those who survive this baptism must have a certain One or more advantages of the enterprise. Liu Kefeng said that Maixing Lighting will actively respond to many challenges in the industry market during the year. For the rise of the new channel of e-commerce, Maixing Lighting will choose the right one according to its own development goals, products and advantages. The effective channel model firmly erects the banner that belongs to Maixing Lighting and sails further.
The entry of many large enterprises at home and abroad has led some small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt a way of enemies and enemies to survive and develop. So, does cross-border deposit mean bad? Will you be able to sit back and hold your enemies?
Liu Kefeng believes that cross-border competition will intensify competition in the LED lighting industry. On the one hand, it will encourage more insiders and people to think about the development direction of the industry and the future competitive landscape, so as to take countermeasures. The emergence of the group means that the company has realized that it is facing a development threat. The group is an inevitable outcome of increased competition and a way for enterprises to seek common development through complementary resources. The purpose of the group is to achieve a win-win situation, but the current problems in the LED lighting industry, such as uneven product quality and incompatibility of advantages, make the difficulty of the group very high. As for whether or not the group can defend the enemy, it depends on whether the company holding the group has an open mind to seek cooperation and cooperation mechanisms.
Liu Kefeng said: How to deal with cross-border operations is not an individual, a single enterprise can decide, but has a relationship with the entire industry. Every lighting company should establish industry awareness, find its own core competitiveness, and seek complementarity and establish the most mature cooperation mechanism on this basis, in order to make the enemy more meaningful.
The establishment of various associations and alliance organizations in the current industry is a good opportunity for enterprises to achieve unity, complement each other, and hold enemies. All enterprises should participate in it, strengthen communication and cooperation, and jointly promote the development of the industry. Liu Kefeng said.

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