Americans are depressed in the electric car market

Downturn in the electric car market

According to a recent report by European media, according to a recent survey, most Americans do not plan to buy electric vehicles despite the restrictions of many parties. However, on the whole they are more optimistic about electric cars.

Survey: Americans Still Satisfy Electric Vehicles Due to Lack of Sales. According to a survey initiated by the Union of Concerned Scientists (USC), 65% of American owners believe that driving electric vehicles will reduce the use of oil and slow global warming in future transportation. An effective way, and 60% of people said they would consider buying an own electric car.

The alliance has been advocating the wider use of electric vehicles. More than 450,000 Americans can use battery-powered cars, and their own driving habits have not changed much.

Josh Goldman, policy analyst for Clean Cars, the Union of Concerned Scientists, pointed out: “Drivers may have some prejudice about whether electric vehicles can meet their driving needs and habits. This survey shows that it is satisfactory for many people. ."

Goldman pointed out that plug-in hybrid vehicles also have similar driving mileage as gasoline-powered vehicles. Currently, within the limited range, pure electric vehicles still have consumer demand. The survey found that almost 70% of drivers drive less than 60 miles per week, which is almost within the range of each electric vehicle in the market today.

Sales of electric vehicles in the United States have broken ten thousand, and demand is mainly concentrated in California. However, the vast majority of drivers in the United States are still skeptical about the production technology of electric vehicles, and manufacturers have been reluctant to accelerate production to fill the small but growing market demand.

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