Analysis of Production and Marketing Model of CNC Cutting Machine in Guangdong

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In the 30 years of reform and opening up, due to the scale effect, it has made remarkable achievements and made a lot of contributions to society. The Chinese CNC cutting machine industry has developed rapidly in recent years, forming a CNC flame cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, and gantry type CNC cutting. Machines, portable CNC cutting machines and other relatively complete industry categories, and formed a large number of unique industrial bases, such as Guangdong's multi-regional CNC cutting machine sales market is particularly prominent. The CNC cutting machine city of Guangdong CNC cutting machine city and Guangdong CNC cutting machine city formed the center of trade activities, gathered together, and produced a strong scale effect, which provided a strong backing for the rapid development of Guangdong. According to Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Association for Modeling, CNC cutting machine companies must take into account various value effects in their marketing and development. For example, the economies of scale formed in the Pearl River Delta region and the resulting benefits are obvious to all. Some large CNC cutting machine companies More attention should be paid to the value brought by the scale effect, which is also the only way for the development of CNC cutting machine companies.
The large-scale production and marketing model of CNC cutting machines in Guangdong Province The marketing and development of CNC cutting machines need to take into account various value effects, such as the scale effect of the formation of the Pearl River Delta region and the resulting benefits are obvious to all, and some large CNC cutting Machine companies should pay more attention to the value brought by the scale effect, which is the only way for the development of CNC cutting machine companies.
1. The leading effect leads one step ahead and leads one step by step. Step by step, first, this effect is applicable to the CNC cutting machine market. Under certain circumstances, due to a particular technology or brand leading other companies in the same industry, it will inevitably drive the development of the entire enterprise. Luo Baihui, for example, said that CNC cutting machine control cabinets can be used everywhere in the CNC cutting machine market. Branded, unbranded, and prosperous, but CNC cutting machine companies installed a group force management system. With this advanced patented technology, The introduction of new products to the market and good economic returns, this leading product will inevitably drive the overall development of CNC cutting machine companies, and give priority to the success of the industry has taken a big step.
2. Lock-in effect When a user moves from one brand of technology to another, it will certainly pay a certain cost for this transfer. When the transfer cost is too high and users lose their feet, the user is locked. When a high-tech product is successfully developed and wins the market, it can easily grasp the future market and take the initiative in fierce competition. This is also applicable in the CNC cutting machine market, first investment, because the cost of CNC cutting machine is too high, will inevitably be daunted by the user, but once this CNC cutting machine products are recognized, then this CNC cutting machine products will inevitably lead the industry To promote the development of the industry.
3. The Matthew effect This is an era where winners take all-or-nothing. Rich people enjoy more resources - money, honor and status. The poor have nothing. The poorer the poor, the richer the richer. People with many friends will make frequent contacts to make more friends, while those who lack friends will always be alone; those who have a reputation will have more opportunities to appear. Therefore, they will become even more famous.
4. Gear-effects Large companies do not develop, and once they are developed, small businesses are left behind. The gear effect is also applicable in the CNC cutting machine market. Some large companies have advantages in terms of resources, money, contacts, information, etc. Once they are developed, they will surely take a big step. The small companies will have capital, talent, information, etc. Resource-constrained development is slow and even stalled. Such large companies have increasingly surpassed small businesses in the industry and have gradually become industry leaders.
5. The more agglomeration effects are those companies with outstanding performance and sufficient funds, the more banks want to give it to them, which is the effect of capital accumulation. Under the financial crisis, some large-scale CNC cutting machine companies have outstanding performance. Once there is a financial problem, no matter whether it is through the bank or other companies' shares, it will correspondingly ease the current predicament and will inevitably make it easier to collect funds; some small CNC cutting machine companies once It is almost impossible to meet the funding problem. Chinalco’s $19.5 billion investment in Rio Tinto and the highest record of overseas investment by Chinese companies were again refreshed by Chinalco. Although Chinalco purchased Rio Tinto's UK 12 shares for US$14.05 billion on February 1, 2008, it has become the biggest loss of overseas investment by Chinese companies so far. Apart from other complicated factors, no one can deny that Chinalco has taken a fancy to the fact that Rio Tinto is one of the world’s three largest iron ore giants. The famous students are already out. Chinalco’s risk of losing everything is solemn. Shares Rio Tinto. The better the performance, the easier it will be to congregate funds.
6. Scale effect When the enterprise's production reaches or exceeds the break-even point, it will form economies of scale. Because any production is costful, it generally includes both fixed and variable costs. To achieve profitability, the sales revenue must be greater than the production cost, and the fixed costs among them are constant, so the more production, the less the fixed costs allocated to a single product and the more profitable.
CNC Cutting Machine Industry Key Path Options: Reform and Innovation China has entered the ranks of the world's largest producer, consumer, and importer of CNC cutting machine tools. According to statistics from the end of 2004, there are a total of 2023 CNC machine tools and tool industry enterprises in China (of which 959 are state-owned enterprises, accounting for 47.4 of the total; 758 are private enterprises, accounting for 37.5; 306 are foreign-funded enterprises, accounting for 15.1). The assets amounted to 117.5 billion yuan and employed 520,000 employees. However, there is still a considerable gap between the advanced level in precision, efficiency, automation, intelligence, and environmental protection.
The CNC cutting machine industry in China has enjoyed a strong momentum of development over the years, but it has always followed the old road in terms of technology and strategy, and has not fundamentally sought to change its development thinking. Luo Baihui said that the world's CNC cutting machine tool industry has a highly international character, manifested in the aspects of market internationalization, technology internationalization, and investment internationalization. Based on this, selecting the mode and path suitable for the development trend of the contemporary CNC cutting machine industry is the future of the domestic CNC cutting machine industry must be dedicated, and this choice should not only stay in the form. At the same time, cross-border mergers and acquisitions are also an important way to implement industry industrial restructuring. In short, in order to achieve a win-win situation through more open international perspectives, flexible and diverse operation forms, and utilizing all domestic and foreign industrial resources that can be utilized, the ways to achieve the goal of innovation and upgrade of the CNC cutting machine industry should be actively promoted and implemented. .
Luo Baihui pointed out that the current technological level of the world's CNC cutting machine tools is to promote the production of NC CNC cutting machine as the mainstream. The development in the next 20 years will continue to be the case. On the basis of further improving accuracy, efficiency, automation, intelligence, and networking, the company has gradually transitioned to processing units and cutting-edge flexible manufacturing systems.
China has entered the ranks of the world's largest producers of CNC cutting machine tools, major consumer countries, and major importers, but it is large but not strong. The CNC machine tool industry in China should further deepen reforms, actively adjust industry and product structure, transform economic growth patterns, enhance independent innovation capabilities, accelerate research and development and market development of middle-to-high-end CNC cutting machine tools and functional components, and further improve product quality and enhancement. Awareness of service, improve the overall competitiveness of the entire industry, adhere to the green innovation road, the industry will be able to achieve a good and fast sustainable development, and complete the goal of becoming stronger and stronger.
The importance of the maintenance and maintenance of the laser cutting machine is very strong, it is not very mediocre and mechanical, so it should be maintained when used.
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