At the end of the year the big discounts still hold

Near the end of the year, consumers who are accustomed to budget-conscious shopping are greatly enthusiastic about the discounts of major supermarkets and stores. They don't know that wealthy people are rich and not fools. Hong Kong stars like to use Amoy Milano because they are cheap. Luxury goods can not afford to leave the shelves with the people, high-end people are accustomed to only alone, so the end of 2011 in Changsha, one after another unobtrusive luxury goods, selling, famous product sales will quietly debut in your love I wish.

Luxury stores - aiming at selling business opportunities Luxury goods are noble goods.

In April 2011, the first-line luxury goods TODS will be played in the low-key mode of the United States and the United States, this is a special deal for the United States and the United States to reach VIP customers, many original price of more than 10,000 bags, the original price of more than 4,000 shoes More than 3,000 wallets are sold at 3 to 50% off. Afterwards, the person in charge of the TODS counter of the United States and the United States revealed that the VIPs had flocked to the market. In the two days of the Inward Purchase Fair, more than 10,000 items of goods that TODS had organized were bought by the VIPs for more than 7,000 items.

November 24, 2011, Thanksgiving Day. The Yuanjialing Friendship Store held a four-day famous brand sale in the conference hall on the fifth floor of Building A in the flag of gratitude. Dunhill, Ferragamo, CANALI and other international big names and dozens of second-tier brands all appeared on the market, and the stores were equally influential. Many people even come from other cities in the province to come to the shopping.

On December 3, 2011, the annual “Autumn Winter Sale” of the Golden Mile Family Lushan Road opened on the fifth floor banquet hall of Tong Cheng International Hotel, CANALI and Autson. LaVico, CLEAR LUCERNE, FANMODIS, Biemlfdlkk, S.D. Spantini, LANCEL , ESCADA, Dikeni (DIKENI) and other first-line big names are 1-5 fold. During the week-long in-buy meeting, rich and high-quality goods once again attracted the attention of Star City's high-end customers.

Shopping Daren - Insider Buying Tips At the pass of the Golden Family Lushan Road Shop "Autumn Winter Sale", a dressed-in woman carefully selected a set of ESCADA autumn and an Odd AutSon male sweaters are ready for payment. Huang ** is a frequent visitor to the domestic trade fair. She thinks she has found out her own set of experiences:

First, do your homework to pick up necessities. Don't be afraid to see big discounts on the hot head and blind shopping. Plans to scouring something, prepared, carefully selected, can only choose not to regret it.

Second, do not expect new models. Whether it is inside selling or selling, do not expect to have the new season, if you can be patient to pat one or two new models of broken code is an unexpected surprise.

Third, try to pick the classic models. Although most of the goods in the domestic sales conference are broken-season and off-season goods, all luxury goods and famous brands have their own famous works and classic models. Although the basic models and classic models are not on the rise, there are many occasions for generous use. Many years will not be out of date.

Fourth, pay more attention to men's clothing. No matter how men change, nothing more than a suit shirt jacket, tie belt shoes and bags. There is no obvious change in the trend of the female models, so the style and price of the male models are appropriate at first glance, and they can basically be won after trial.

Famous product consumption - blindly and rationally returning to the internal sales will be a derivative of famous brand products. It is both thanks to thankful members and can also digest the seasonal off-season goods. Over the past few years, with the continuous improvement and evolution of the fashion capital of Changsha's vibrant capital, luxury goods have begun to enter the mass market, and the public's consumer tastes are also rising. People's perception of luxury goods has also begun to rise from blind pursuit to rational consumption. The popular popularity of famous products sell-in shows the problem.

As the earliest professional store in Hunan that specializes in world-famous products and has been directly authorized by many international first-line brands, the annual golden famous family selling in-house selling club has been going on for several years. Every year, it is highly sought after by consumers and passed this year. Special channels mobilized hundreds of thousands of famous autumn and winter models, ranging from men's and women's clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

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