Automakers will comply with new privacy rules by 2016

In January, 2016, the vehicle connectivity system that can generate data will have to comply with the new privacy rules, and car manufacturers must better protect the personal data collected through the car. The Automotive Industry Alliance AAM, the Global Automobile Manufacturers Association AGA and their members have established privacy principles to protect consumers. AAM’s CEO said in a statement: “These are milestone privacy frameworks that, when applied to cars, should make car customers feel that car manufacturers are taking their privacy seriously.”
The main reason for this rule is that today's cars can get a lot of information through various vehicle systems. The information includes the location of the vehicle or the driver's vehicle usage such as speed and braking force. The partners who established the rules stated in the statement: “The members of global automakers understand that consumers want to respect their privacy while knowing that these vehicle technologies and services can provide them with some benefits.” Privacy principles cover a variety of This kind of on-board system, such as providing GPS and information services.

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