Autumn dancer dress, beautiful bloom in the autumn wind

Autumn dancer dress, beautiful bloom in the autumn wind

One of the biggest features of this fall fashion is the popularity of skirts. The autumn new products that are listed one after another and the 05/06 international big-time release show for autumn and winter seem to emphasize: This autumn and winter is the season in which the dresses are obviously on pants.

Prada's slender pencil skirt turned out to be the terminator of the popular round-skirt skirt in spring and summer. Miu Miu's A-Knee-Length dresses shined on the T stage. Designers of major brands are also retro. Based on the basic skirt type, a newly designed skirt is introduced. Celine took the image of “a delicacy, elegance and sensuality of Parisian ladies,” and made the women who played “lovely” in summer become elegant princesses, as if they were returning to women’s dresses. Retro fifties going out. YSL and CHANEL are also skirts of the world, lotus leaf straight skirts, fishtail skirts, lantern skirts ... ... all kinds of skirts occupy the 2005 autumn and winter market to capture the momentum, to attract the attention of fashion women. The use of details such as lace, lotus leaf, embroidery, and natural crystals adds elegance to this fall's retro style. What are you hesitating under the intense hurricane of dress? Quickly choose a dress that suits you and bloom your beauty in the fresh autumn wind!

Compared with the spring and summer skirts, the skirt hem of this fall has begun to show a small trend, A-line skirts, skirt skirts or hem skirts, hem skirts, fishtail skirts, skirts Knee skirts and other equally divided.

Skirts dress well

The skirt is well dressed, and the shape of autumn and winter is considered to be half the victory. This year's several key look is a must to buy, for example, in the A-shaped skirt on the knees downstream, skirt skirts or hem skirts slightly skirted skirt, fishtail dress skirt slightly open, all the way through the knee Tight tights over the knee skirt; and dress retro style, there are tracks to follow, for example, the waist line is extremely manifested, and all in the middle waist position, skirt length should not be too short, most of them are in the left and right knee position.

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