Bedding knowledge: what is sanding

The sanding product belongs to a functional product, which is a finishing of printing and dyeing. The sanding bed products are soft, warm and comfortable in winter, and the price is relatively high. Because the hair is good, it must be active printing.

After the general fabric is pretreated (de-slurry, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, etc.), the fabric is very smooth and smooth. The sanding is rubbed on the cloth surface with a roller wrapped with sand and rubbed on the cloth surface. A layer of fluff is produced. There are many kinds of sanding, such as ordinary sanding, water grinding, carbon water bristles, etc., sanding and sanding, such as all-polyester cotton, cashmere, cotton, etc. , steel thorns such as Laikala velvet, warp and weft knitted a variety of sanding cloth.

"Mao" is ground with sand. The whole process is as follows: firstly impregnating the hair raising agent, drying the tenter and then performing sanding finishing on a special sanding machine. The sanding machine is better in Italy and Germany, and the sanding machine has six sand rollers, according to the cloth. The different types of sand on the different bags, and then the cloth surface on the high-speed running sand roller, give a certain tension, slowly pass, after the friction of the six sand rollers on the cloth surface, the cloth surface will be thick Fluffy.

The sanding fabric is a kind of friction of the cotton fabric through the sanding machine and the corundum skin, forming a variety that only undergoes qualitative change in appearance. That is, while retaining the original properties of the fabric, the surface of the fabric is formed. The layer has a short pile layer feeling, which not only reduces the thermal conductivity of the sanded fabric, but also increases the warmth and softness while imparting a new style to the fabric. The color is conspicuous, the hand feel is soft, and the appearance is full and pleasing.

The process of sanding fabrics is much more complicated than that of printed fabrics. After dyeing and finishing, the fabrics are exquisitely brushed and the style is unique. It is a new flower in the textile industry. It is soft, comfortable, rich in texture, strong in drape, easy to care, and full of suede. It attracts consumers especially when it is used. It is a warm, soft and comfortable feeling. The color is as new as ever. Due to the unique process, the sanding products will not fade, the quality of the pilling, etc., is much better than the average cotton fabric, and the weight is much heavier than the average cotton material.

[Features]: Thick and soft, you can't put it down; the printing and dyeing method uses active printing and dyeing, the color is bright, and it won't fade; the latest Hong Kong comes with a pattern, absolutely fashionable; the extra large floor sheets make your room more beautiful.

[Washing method] Soak, the washing machine under 30 degrees water temperature is weakly washed, neutral detergent, not bleachable, not dry cleaning, medium temperature ironing.

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