·Beijing new environmentally friendly transport trucks are listed

The pollution environmental problems such as throwing, scattering, leaving, and leaking of the slag trucks have always been a difficult point in urban city environment management. A few days ago, the reporter learned from the China Railway Sixth Bureau that the company has purchased a number of new environmentally-friendly slag-removing vehicles to replace the old transport slag trucks. The new vehicles have all been listed and will appear in various construction sites in the city during the month.
According to reports, the new car adopts GTL green slag transportation intelligent management system, which can monitor the vehicle operation status in real time. If there are problems such as high material, overspeed operation and cargo dispersal, the vehicle will automatically limit the speed and notify the monitoring center until the problem is solved. . In addition, unlike the previous open-top transport trucks, the new slag truck warehouse is uniformly covered with white tarpaulin, thus eliminating omissions during transportation. The new type of slag truck also uses U-shaped cargo boxes, which effectively avoids the residual debris and facilitates dumping.

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