·Beiqi teamed up with the first car to finance leasing car e-commerce

Automakers are getting more and more electric shocks, from new car sales to after-sales maintenance, and now there is a form of e-commerce for financial leasing. On August 18th, Beijing Auto and Yibo's B2C auto e-commerce platform, Yiche Mall, cooperated to sell the Sic Bo D70 exclusively through the new financing leasing car purchase program. One of the highlights of this cooperation is to provide users with exclusive financial solutions of “0 down payment, 0 deposit, 0 handling fee” through cooperation with auto financing leasing companies.
It is understood that the cooperation model Suibao D70 will only be sold in the Easy Car Mall channel, and the use of a unified price, breaking the previous car sales price varies from city to city, is the first case in the automotive industry. The event model includes the 2013 2.0T automatic comfort version, elite version, and luxury version of the three major configurations, covering major cities across the country.
The user buys the model in the Easy Car Mall, chooses the financing lease car purchase plan, and can drive the car back home. The financing leasing program offered by the event consists of three types, namely “zero yuan purchase”, “zero down payment” and “low monthly payment”. Take the “zero yuan purchase” financing plan of the activity as an example. After the user handles the 24-month lease, the user can pick up the car with “0 down payment 0 deposit 0 handling fee”. The monthly payment varies from 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan depending on the model. For the lease, the end of the lease payment, you can also choose to maintain the value of the car sold back to the car shop. The repurchase price of the Easy Car Mall can reach up to 55% of the terminal sales price. The selected car can be licensed by the user. If the user cannot obtain a license due to restrictions on purchase, etc., the license of the rental company can also be used.

PSM series General Grinding Machine

Machine structure is simple, easy to adjust, high precision, able to play its unique advantages, and it's an ideal sharpening equipment for plastic manufacturers. Power Company regards "customers first" as its principle and has been developing and producing satisfactory products for different types for customers.

Power Company produces the robber roller Grinding Machine. They are specially designed for grinding of elastomer-covered rollers. The PSM series offers the latest in Roll Grinding Technology. Standard equipment includes a full flood recirculating coolant system, motorized tailstock, variable speed traverse and spindle drives, front and rear independently operated carriage tables, and a direct drive grinding head mounted on the rear.   

  General Grinding Machine

General Grinding Machine

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