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With the shrinking profits of adult clothing, children's clothing has gradually become the relevant business in the eyes of the rich "plate lunch", and even expert Jiang Shijie predicted that "children's clothing will be the last piece of the garment industry's cake." Like to confirm the language, the current recognition of many brands have begun to enter the children's wear industry, the tentacles extended to the field of children's clothing. It seems that the industry generally believe that children's clothing brand in 2012 will carry too much hope and expectations, therefore, a round of children's clothing "Nuggets fever" also started intensely. Faced with such a huge market, many companies naturally want to "get a share." That in such a fierce competition, children's wear enterprises how to gain a firm foothold, and on the basis of the existing business bigger and stronger it? In fact, with the introduction of the new generation of "post-80s" parents, children's clothing brand has been put forward higher requirements in terms of original design, market segmentation, brand positioning, brand image, terminal operation and service concept. Among them, the service philosophy of plasticity and its impact on the brand is particularly crucial. It can be said that under the macroeconomic environment of the market economy, the competition is ubiquitous and competition in the service concept has already endangered the development of the entire enterprise. For the current so-called "the last piece of cake in the apparel industry" children's clothing is even more so. The characteristics of a market economy are competition, and the forms of market competition are multifaceted and multilevel. The service competition is not a competition of a certain level and a certain field, but a contest of comprehensive strength of an enterprise, and is an important part of enterprises participating in market competition. aspect. Under the condition of market economy, the concept of service has gradually been taken seriously by entrepreneurs. The marketing environment of enterprises has undergone tremendous changes. The widespread application of high technology, the rapid flow of information, the convergence of product hardware standards, the gradual and orderly market competition environment Formed; the variety, quality and price of the goods are generally the same; the profits have been reduced to near the cost, all of which have brought the price competition to the limit. So, who can provide customers with quality service, who will win customers, win the market. As a black and white color as the main color design of children's clothing will set off the aristocratic children's clothing custom mainstream well-known children's clothing brand, rabbit Tsai grasp the "overall solution", the key point of this corporate service concept, with its designer team is good at capturing International new "fresh" fashion elements of the advantages of personality, the trend into each product. From the big deal to start small, ranging from the overall dress style, small shoes, glasses, scarves, and other accessories, are meticulous, carefully conceived, let off any one small detail, so that consumers feel unprecedented dress experience. Rabbit-mark attaches great importance to the concept of service in the terminal store performance, in order to allow customers to more experience of the Bunny-Mark dress "overall solution" this service concept, Rabbit Mark advocated in the terminal stores and the introduction of "children's fashion with experts "The consumer advocate, invited the famous clothing consultants with the terminal clerk system training for the new children in the city to provide the most cool clothes with the way to set up consultants in the terminal value-added services tailor-made for customers tailored to Own "overall solution". Respect customers, understand customers, help customers, every step Rabbit Mark, the first thought are customers, Rabbit Mark is to allow new generation of children fully enjoy aristocratic consumer philosophy, but also use this concept to lead the city Children's fashion.

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