Buy thermal underwear to seize the four points

Autumn is getting stronger, and many consumers have begun to set up thermal underwear. In the face of numerous brands on the market, how to choose a thermal underwear that is suitable for performance and price has become a concern for many people. Experts suggest that consumers can start from the following aspects in the actual purchase.

One is to look at the label. Regular manufacturers of thermal underwear products should have complete label information, including site name, product safety technology category, implementation standards, quality grade, use of raw materials, components and content, washing methods, use and storage of attention and so on. Among them, special attention should be paid to the safety technology category of thermal underwear should be A (infants and young children's products) or B (direct contact with skin products).

The second is that regular thermal underwear should be qualified. The fabrics used in thermal underwear include 40 pieces of cotton, 32 pieces of cotton, polyester-cotton, and purified fibers. Among them, the use of 40 cotton pure cotton thermal underwear is the best, its softness, fineness, breathability, gloss are better, and after washing does not pilling, there will be no clothing after long-term wear Spinning phenomenon.

Third, thermal underwear should feel flexible, good elasticity. High-quality thermal underwear should feel soft, no foreign body sensation, warm lining with the use of microfiber, this lining made of clothing is both soft and comfortable and good thermal performance. At the same time underwear should have excellent resilience, this underwear is added in the fabric and the base material Lycra, the inner core layer of high elastic polymer, although the price is significantly higher than the ordinary products, but wear on the body, close Feeling good, no bloated feeling, joint activity is also very comfortable.

Fourth, it is best to buy brand products with guaranteed quality, but do not rely on blind purchases by merchants. Consumers choosing thermal underwear should pay attention to the purchase of corporate products with strong strength, excellent brand, and good reputation after the performance-price ratio of the integrated products, so as to ensure no worries after purchase. (Lu Xinqiang Wang Qingyun)

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