Chang'an Starlight 4500 Welcomes National Great Bargaining Event

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In order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Chang'an Company specially launched the National Day preferential discount big bargaining activities, and for this purpose, it rewarded Changan old and new customers.

Since its listing on the market last year, Changan Starlight 4500 has been firmly occupies the market with new commercial vehicles and has gradually established a good brand image and product awareness. Outstanding quality and excellent performance make Changan Xingguang 4500 recommended by the China Logistics Industry Association as an economic model for China Logistics Express. Chang'an Xingguang 4500 is a new commercial vehicle of Chang'an Automobile on a brand-new commercial vehicle platform. It has a flexible loading rate, low fuel consumption, and low cost of use based on the maximum demand for logistics vehicles. It is comparable to light passengers. The loading capacity, which far exceeds the space's largest vehicle model, has been hailed as the largest mini vehicle in history. The biggest feature of Chang'an Starlight is its large space and low fuel consumption. The Changan Xingguang 4500 with 42 patented technologies is designed with a long wheelbase and a wide track. It has a 4.4-meter body and is equipped with an extra large space that can not be compared with a microcar: 3.24 meters long in the car, 1.465 meters wide in the car, and high in the car. 1.35, the available volume in the vehicle is 4.83m, and it has the light passenger loading capacity. Starlight 4500 uses a European-style split back door design, the first 247 degrees back door opening, the forklift can quickly up and down the goods, improve the loading convenience, in addition, the Starlight 4500 strengthened the chassis beam, beam width 80 mm, while the mainstream micro-only 60 Millimeters improve the durability and loadability of the vehicle.

National Day offers great bargains

This time, on the occasion of the National Day Ceremony of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the motherland, Changan Company hereby launched multiple preferential activities:
One: Continue to carry out cruising service, send service to the home <br> Cruise service has always been Chang'an to connect customers and serve customers' bridges. Strengthening cruising service is the necessary way to protect customer interests and improve Chang'an service. Therefore, during this event, Nanjing Da You Cruise Service Team will allow you to enjoy a detailed and warm service!
II: During the period of multiple preferential activities for the car's rural residents, all Changan mini-vehicle customers who enjoy the subsidy of the country's automobile subsidy can enjoy the preferential activities for the visit (including replacement, purchase of oil, gear oil, oil filter, air filter discount, etc.) . The announcement of the store event shall prevail.
Three: <br> customers come to visit the country and so far 60 birthday occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Nanjing Institute will be great to visit our new and old customers loyal Chang, thanks for the support and love of users has been the great Nanjing, Thank you even more for your long- term support for Changan Automobile.

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