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China Drying Network The 3rd All-Members General Meeting of the 5th National Chlor-Alkali Industry Equipment Management Technical Cooperation Team will be held on August 19th in Xining City, Qinghai Province. The conference was organized by Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd. Electrochemical Plant and co-organized by China Chemical Machinery and Power Technology Association. The focus of the meeting was to strengthen the exchange of equipment technology, improve the level of equipment management, promote a batch of new equipment, new materials, and new technologies, and at the same time conduct discussions on how to cope with the challenges in difficult economic situations. At present, the production and operation situation of domestic chlor-alkali enterprises is very severe, the product market continues to be sluggish, the operating rate of installations is generally low, and the loss of enterprises and the amount of losses are relatively large. It is difficult for the industries and enterprises to survive and develop.

Steps of building automatic line:
1, the product is immature, there is no stable ready-made process, product life cycle, product annual output
2, if there is automatic line, Automatic Machine or the same type of Production Line for reference.
3, whether all products can automatic feeding, product structure is suitable for automatic assembly, automatic assembly to change the feeding material, modified materials instead of packaging, part of product structure, product assembly a chamfer there, add to the appropriate.
4, some testing instruments may be manual, be instead of automatic operation.
5, if the production line site has no limit, determine the length of the production line width.
6. The layout structure of the production line is determined as follows: straight line without load type, straight line horizontal carrier backflow type, straight line download with reflux type, multiple turntable direct connection, turntable plum blossom type, right angle type, U form.
7, the production line standard accessories brand determination.
8, production line vulnerability and spare parts determination.
9, the production line acceptance standards identified.
10, both sides of the program audit
11, price determination, contract with the determination of the two sides to determine the follow-up, single order production delivery.

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