Crusher crushing cavity shape

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Whether the shape of the crushing chamber is reasonable or not will directly affect the crushing effect, production vehicle and energy of the crusher.

Consumption, liner wear, and crushing ratio are important indicators. FIG crushing chamber shape 2--16 shown, there are linear

Crushing cavity and curve breaking wave. Practical and theoretical analysis described curved than straight crushing chamber crushing chamber c Therefore, the amine is broken curvilinear trend of modern crushing device configuration.

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According to the analysis of the relevant literature data and the calculation results, it can be seen that the drop time of each material layer in the cavity,

Height and packing density vary with cavity height. In the design of broken cavity should take full account of these

Factors can make the design more reasonable.

    With the development of modern design methods and the extensive application of computers, the cavity shape of the crusher is optimized

Design. The cavity optimization design has a layered section-by-section optimization. With the development of modern design methods and the widespread use of computers, the cavity design of the crusher is optimized. There are two types of layered optimization design: layered piecewise optimization method and multi-layer optimization method. Hierarchical optimization means that each crushing layer establishes an objective function to optimize the design segment by segment. The advantage of this method is that it can control the number of variables. The optimization of different segments can flexibly adjust each parameter according to the designer's needs. The multi-layer overall optimization method is the optimized design of the entire cavity shape at one time. This method has many design variables and is an optimized design with a large scale. The advantage of this method is that a more comprehensive and comprehensive cavity design scheme can be obtained at one time.

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