Denim brand N + 9 Henan Zhenping shop, Zhengzhou shop and Hubei Yingcheng shop grand opening

Denim brand N + 9 Henan Ping stores, stores in Zhengzhou and Hubei Yingcheng store opened! The first self-operated store of N + 9 Jeans Warehouses opened in 2008 and the first franchised store in March 2009, so far, less than a year has been developed to cover Jingmen, Jianli, Chongqing, Anlu, Yunmeng , Zhumadian, Wuhan, Taizhou, Lhasa, Zhongxiang, dozens of branches of enterprises, we adhering to the "good and inexpensive, really affordable," the business principle of doing you intimate denim wardrobe, and serve you wholeheartedly. Wondering why success is so simple? Hurry to visit it! Low threshold, low risk, simple operation, extremely suitable for novice operation. We did not do promotion, good business is the best proof, our sales can explain everything! Easy to make money, on the N + 9 denim storage! Our jeans at least 19.9 yuan, to ensure the quality of the latest IN models but also hundred, the new update speed ultra-fast, unconditional return within 7 days, how customers can not heart! Join immediately immediately join the franchise fee, enjoy the 100% return rate, a number of value-added support projects, as long as you are interested, quickly contact us now! N + 9 denim storage 2010 full investment has been opened! 2010 March Wuhan investment conference is planning, interested friends, welcome to call the good news!

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