Discussion: The status of lighting industry in Guzhen should not be questioned?

Recently, the reporter read Mr. Huang He's "Advice to China's Lighting Industry", which has an article called "Guzhen Lighting Lighting Enterprise Should Be Confident", which makes the author think. On the one hand, it is known as the lamp capital, on the other hand, it is suspected by the industry, or even disdain. It is the ancient town in the middle of the country, it is deserved to be despised, or the name of the ancient town lamp is famous all over the world. The jealous people must pick What happened? We are not aware of these. However, one thing is certain. After the reform and opening up, the status of the ancient town in the lighting industry in China is unmovable.
In the lighting industry, many people compare the ancient town with Shenzhen, and always say the price of the ancient town, the quality of Shenzhen and the like. Is it true that most lighting companies in the ancient town only take the low-cost route, and only the lighting companies in Shenzhen will take the quality route? This may be some of the rumors that some lighting purchasers and consumers have bought low-priced and inferior products in Guzhen, and there is indeed a mouse cockroach in the ancient town, which is a phenomenon of smashing a pot of porridge, a few only take the price route, not the quality The promotion of inferior products by Guzhen enterprises to the market has indeed harmed the interests of many businesses and consumers. There are birds that are big in the forest. The lighting circle of the ancient town is better than that of Shenzhen. There will naturally be more opportunities for negative phenomena in the industry than in Shenzhen. However, there are still many ancient town enterprises that take the quality route of Huayi, Kaiyuan, Shengqiu, etc. It depends on the eyes of the lighting purchaser to identify the product, and know which corporate brand is the guarantee of confidence, not the price. Blind, to a partiality, a scorpion killed a boat. It is precisely because the positive and negative images alternate in the lighting industry, so that most of the ancient town lighting companies that are loyal to the industry bear the nickname and the image is defaced.
At present, the vitality of the ancient town lighting industry, as long as the people in the industry have the heart, can be personally felt, and the most striking point is the gradual rise of store. In the past two years, with the increase in the purchase of lighting lighting products in Guzhen, the single store sales have been difficult to meet the needs of merchants and consumers. Many long-term lighting companies and merchants have built multi-functional lighting in important parts of the ancient town. Lighting stores, sharing market resources with peers to achieve a win-win situation. With the acceleration of the pace of store sales, Guzhen slowly transformed from a single lighting product production base to a modern lighting city integrating production, sales and high-end display. This kind of lighting development is unmatched in any place in China, including Shenzhen. Therefore, the status of Dengdu Ancient Town in the Chinese lighting industry cannot be suspected.
In the face of such a good development, the lighting enterprises in Guzhen should be full of confidence, through continuous research and development, innovation, and every aspect of product production management, to launch good products with excellent quality and excellent performance to conform to the trend of lighting era development. Only in this way can we continue to grow our brand influence and let critics close their mouths. At the same time, merchants and consumers who have been harmed by inferior products of individual lighting enterprises in Guzhen should not look at the development prospects of Guzhen Lighting Industry with the eyes of the eye-catching leopard. Only by emphasizing the ancient town lighting industry can we get a comprehensive and correct evaluation. .

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