Dongfeng Cummins L360 20 Automotive Engine Technical Data Sheet

Dongfeng Cummins L360 20 Automotive Engine Technical Data Sheet
engine model L360 20
Engine Logo Dongfeng Cummins
Inspection report number QC06051QD2081/QC06061QD2081
Product technology source Introduced models (Cummins)
Emission level GB17691-2001/GB3847-2005
Fuel type Diesel
Engine ignition method Compression ignition
Engine oil supply In-line pump
Engine intake method Booster
Engine cooling method Liquid cooling
Engine combustion chamber structure (compression ignition engine only) Direct injection
Engine cylinder arrangement Inline
Number of engine cylinders 6 cylinders
Engine firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Engine cylinder center distance (mm) 137
Number of intake valves 1
Number of exhaust valves 1
Displacement (L) 8.9
Volume compression ratio 16.6
Bore diameter (mm) 114
Travel (mm) 145
Rated power (kW) / speed (rpm) 264/2200
Rated oil supply per stroke (mm) 184
Idling speed (rpm) 600-800
Maximum intake resistance (rated speed, 100% load) (kPa) 3.7
Maximum exhaust back pressure (rated speed, 100% load) (kPa) 10
The maximum power (kW) that an accessory driven by the engine allows to absorb 3.5
Maximum torque (Nm)/rotation speed (rpm) 1400/1300-1500
Oil supply per stroke (mm) at maximum torque speed 203
Turbocharger/Model/Manufacturer HX40W/Wuxi Holset Engineering Co., Ltd.
Intercooler/model/manufacturer/intercooler outlet maximum temperature
Fuel injection pump / model / manufacturer BHF6P120005/Wuxi Weifu High-tech Co., Ltd.  
Injector / model / manufacturer KBEL-P052/Wuxi Eurasian Diesel Injection Co., Ltd.
Engine ECU - Software / Models / Manufacturers
Engine ECU - Hardware / Model / Manufacturer

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