Dongfeng Motor Company: "Run" Hui Sifang

“Fulfilling social responsibility is a practical action to deeply implement the scientific concept of development. It is an objective requirement for the development of society and it is also the only way for the company to establish its image and enhance its competitiveness. The ultimate choice of the market must be a truly socially responsible enterprise; The goal of Fulfilling Social Responsibility is to seek cooperation and win-win for a wider range of stakeholders and achieve sustainable development of the company. Therefore, we must consciously integrate the requirements for fulfilling our social responsibilities into our development strategy and integrate it into daily operations and management.” About Corporate Management and Fulfilling Social Responsibility The strategic relationship between the two, Dongfeng Motor Corporation deputy general manager Zhou Qiang is saying.

Today's Dongfeng, after more than 40 years of development and growth, is also steadfast in its efforts to repay the society with practical actions. In different stages of development, it has always kept in mind the mission and responsibilities as an important central enterprise. The management, reform, and development of Dongfeng Motor Company always obey the overall situation of serving the country's political stability, economic development, and social progress. In the process of pursuing corporate sustainable development, Dongfeng Motor Corporation continuously strengthens the awareness and positioning of “corporate citizenship”, adhering to the business philosophy of “Caring for Everyone and Caring for Every Car” and actively fulfilling social responsibilities, Dongfeng Motor Company’s Social values ​​and social images are constantly improving.

From the first Shiyan to Wuhan, where the provinces pass through to Wuhan, and then to the entire country, Dongfeng Corporation has listed corporate social responsibility as a necessity for its own development. It has helped local economic development, women and children in poverty-stricken areas, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. A lot of work; and with the influence of the Dongfeng brand expanding to the north, south, and south of the market, Dongfeng also pays more attention to the indispensability of corporate social responsibility in the process of corporate development, and once again raises it from the strategic level to the core level. And integrate the company's superior resources to launch the "Run plan."

A closer look at the details of Dongfeng Motor’s “Run Plan” makes it easy to see that the plan’s responsibility in the five aspects of economy, stakeholders, public interest, culture, and environmental protection covers almost all aspects of contemporary China’s rapid development that require further attention. The problems include helping the poor children to attend school, helping the hardship groups, relief of major disasters and donations, and increasingly attract people’s attention to the new energy vehicles and the upgrading of citizen’s cultural quality. This shows that Dongfeng’s work on corporate social responsibility To enter a more systematic stage.

The proposal of the “Run Plan” can be regarded as a strategic turning point for Dongfeng Company in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. Under the brand-new responsibility concept and strategic plan, Dongfeng has established the Dongfeng Charitable Foundation, the group’s unified responsibility platform, to conduct corporate social responsibility work more systematically and clearly. A series of measures provided a reference model for Chinese auto companies to fulfill their responsibilities, demonstrated their style of central enterprises, and verified the advanced concepts of successful companies that are different from traditional “profit-only” companies.

Economic responsibility is the first of the five responsibilities of the “Run Plan” and is also the basis for the implementation of corporate social responsibility. To this end, Dongfeng has always been committed to expanding its business scale and increasing its productivity. According to the latest data, in 2013, the company sold 35.35 million automobiles, and continued to rank second in the industry, with an increase of 14.83% year-on-year, which was 1 percentage point higher than the industry growth rate.

“The value of the company is created by the employees, and the value of the company is achieved by customers.” As Zhou Qiang, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Motor Co., said, the long-term development of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. was created by a group of outstanding Dongfeng people. More inseparable from consumer support. For a long time, Dongfeng Company has always been employee-oriented, not only building a training base for management and management personnel, but also increasing personnel training, and at the same time raising the standards of help for employees in difficult situations, and seeking development and happiness for employees.

At the customer level, Dongfeng Corporation is committed to manufacturing high-quality cars for its customers, providing satisfactory services and optimizing the quality of life of its customers. With the mission of “manufacturing high-quality cars, providing satisfactory services, optimizing the quality of life, and achieving harmony between man and nature”, we will provide our customers with high-quality products and services, and promote brand image and customer satisfaction.

In the international community, when people evaluate a company, they are used to talking about whether they are “respected companies” and “great companies.” In order to become the above two, in addition to the necessary quantitative indicators such as the scale of the company, social welfare It is also one of the important criteria for assessment. Dongfeng Energy once again led the "2013 brand value of the automotive industry rankings", in fact, is its long-term commitment to public welfare.

This is indeed the case. Dongfeng's responsibilities for implementing social philanthropy cover almost all issues that need further attention in the rapid development of contemporary China, including poverty alleviation, aiding Tibet, supporting education, medical care, and cultural undertakings in Hubei Province, as well as participating in environmental protection and public welfare. Relief and public welfare work, etc. It successively implemented the “Dongfeng Runmiao Action” series of love-loving student-raising projects to solve the problems of poor children attending school. With the innovative ideas of tree-planting and carbon sequestration, the Dongfeng “carbon balance” project issued a new commitment to pursue “zero emissions”.

“Dongfenghuayu, moisten the Quartet” is the concept of Dongfeng Company fulfilling its social responsibility and represents the original intention, willingness and attitude of Dongfeng Company to undertake social responsibility. It can be foreseen that Dongfeng will lead the rapid development of China's auto industry in the country’s rising road, and will also be responsible for social responsibility, active practice and innovation. And the "going out" of the east wind will also be more powerful!

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