Effectively "stuck" foreign skills!

To win a foreign customer, you must have the following three elements: accuracy, speed, and detail. Accurately refers to: Clearly reply to the customer's questions, do not understand the questions and then reply, and the reply is responsible for the future, can not be changed, change. Speed, I have already said its importance in the front, but to produce speed, you must have a good time management, you must distinguish between light and heavy work, eager and slow. Remember not to be busy with customer tracking all day, and more time should be spent on new customer development responses and communication.

Details, this is often overlooked by many foreign traders, and the details are exactly the attention of foreign businessmen, just like the attention of the woman in your heart, otherwise she will say that you are careless, careless, and even suspect that you do not love her. Those in foreign communication are the details, it depends on the concerns of foreign investors: usually your follow-up service, your words, your honesty and so on.

Secondly, continue the good feelings and listen to the needs of foreign businessmen just like the ones you love. Remember: It is your task to pay attention to the needs of foreign investors. Don't say more, but listen more and see more. I don't expect to wait passively for foreign respondents. I have to ask more and ask bravely.

Listen more, see more, listen carefully, and look at it with your heart.

Especially in face-to-face communication with foreign companies, try to let them talk more, listen to their needs, and look at the issues they care about in their emails. It is better to prepare a piece of paper and list the foreign businessmen's problems one by one. Just like solving complex equations, all the conditions are met before they can be established. For each question, you must have a question and answer. If you don't know clearly, you should reply again. There must be no sloppyness, so that we can reflect our true feelings. If the feelings of foreign businessmen feel that we are real, very responsible and more secure with our transactions, then this is close to success. And this is exactly the same as the one you love in your heart. To meet the concerns of foreign businessmen, solve problems until you fall in love with you!

Looking forward to the response of foreign businessmen, don't wait passively, ask more questions, and ask bravely.

Many times, foreign traders often passively wait for foreign respondents. Make a subtle, make yourself very tired. After meeting the needs of foreign businessmen, we must bravely ask if there are orders? When can I confirm the order? When can I start executing the contract? When can I pay for the purchase? Waiting for such a problem. This way you can know the end result of this love.

You don't ask, you may have to be in a passive situation, because the good feelings have to be hot and iron, and you can't let the feeling cool! What is more important between people and people? It feels more important! And to maintain a good feeling must be grasped in the first time. If you stop and don't dare to ask or don't ask, your competitors may have been scorning and offering. Maybe your feelings are replaced by competitors, and you can't find them. It's like a woman in your heart, if you feel cold to you, then you are in danger.

So be brave and ask questions that should be asked. Never wait passively. I believe that as long as it is a sincere foreign businessman, I will definitely give you a reply. If you don't give me a reply, then he may not be the object of your transaction. He may be wasting your time, or you may continue to share with you in the future. . Once again, bravely asking foreign businessmen can also let us know when it is more appropriate to continue to track foreigners, and allow more time to continue to search for new customers and provide you with efficiency.

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