Electric Stainless Steel Submersible Under Water Pump

Model NO.: LWS7-10-0.75F
Applications: Water Supply
Rated Power: 0.75kw 1HP
Outlet: 50mm
Rated-Flow: 7m3/H
Rated-Head: 10m
Stator Length/Pieces: 12X160
Trademark: LONKEY
Origin: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China


stainless steel submersible water pump,high quality and excellent performance 

stainless steel submersible water pump


Pump body:Cast iron

Impeller: Cast iron

Motor housing:Stainless steel

Motor wire:copper

Front cover:cast iron

Mechanical seal: ceramic&graphite



Insulation class:B

Protection class:IP 68

Performance chart at n=2900rpm

Model Rated power Outlet Max-flow Max-head remarik
[Kw] [HP] [mm] [m3/h] [m]
LWS4-10-0.55F 0.55 0.7 50 4 10 WITH FLOAT SWITCH
LWS7-7-0.55F 0.55 0.7 50 7 7
LWS7-10--0.75F 0.75 1 50 7 10
LWS10-7-0.75F 0.75 1 50 10 7
LWS5-15-0.75F 0.75 1 40 5 15
LWS10-15-1.1F 1.1 1.5 50 10 15
LWS15-10-1.1F 1.1 1.5 75 15 10
LWS10-15-1.5F 1.5 2 50 10 15


Company Profile

Zhejiang Lonkey Pump Industry Co.,ltd,is located in Wenling City of Zhejiang Province which is called the "Pump Town of China".Lonkey company covers a total area of 28,000 square meters.Lonkey is a professional pump manufacturer for 17 years,with modernized standard factory plants,advanced production line equipments,computerized testing&controlling machine,vacuum lacquer dripping&drying equipments and full-automatic product testing instruments. 

Electric Stainless Steel Submersible Under Water Pump

Electric Stainless Steel Submersible Under Water Pump
Electric Stainless Steel Submersible Under Water Pump

Product Description

RUINENG Alumina Ceramic Ball

Alumina ceramic Balls are produced by using industrial alumina and fire-resistant kaolin as the main raw materials through scientific compounding, shaping and high-tempreature calcination. Fire resistance Ceramic Ball has high mechanical strength and long service life, and refractory Ceramic Balls have good chemical stability, It has excellent high tempreature resistance and the highest heat-resistant tempreature which can reach as high as 1900 °C.


Alumina ceramic Balls are widely used in petrolem chemical ,fertilizer ,natural gas and environmental protection industry. With stable chemical features and a low rate of water absorption,they can resist high temperatures and high pressure,and also can resist the corrosion of acid,alkali and some other organic solvents,and can stand the change in temperature during the application.Ceramic balls can increase the distribution spots of gas or liquid, and to support and protect the activating catalyst with low strength.


Alumina ball 60mm


Faint yellow

Al2O3 Content (%)


Bulk Density


Water absorption


Degree of hardness (MOhs)


Use raw material

Fining high bauxite

Formation way

Isostatic pressing

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