Enterprises have confidence in the 2014 LED lighting market

A short-season shipment blowout has triggered an overall change in the recent LED sector, and the high growth expectations given by major research institutes have made the industry confident in the 2014 LED lighting market.
The industry believes that the external factor of this round of LED market is that the recent customs data reflects that the LED off-season in the fourth quarter of 2013 is not weak, Taiwan manufacturers' shipment data exceeds expectations, and the US market has completely banned production and import since January 1, 2014. Incandescent lamps, while prices have been close to incandescent lamps, the price hikes have slowed down, and large-scale shipments by industry players are endogenous. For the LED industry in 2014, a number of listed companies expressed their optimism to reporters.
A worker is busy in the production line of photoelectric energy-saving lamps. In 2014, confidence in the industry was overwhelming. The recent shipment data of Taiwanese manufacturers is not all the factors that stimulate the sector to rise. The upstream and downstream elements of the industry chain and the major manufacturers' shipping strategies for 2014 Clearly, it is the decisive factor in the industry's 2014 LED lighting market. LED research analyst Wang Fei told reporters.
LED epitaxial index and LED packaging index released by LED industry research institutes show that since November 2013, both indexes have rebounded, and the epitaxial index has been attacked from 1850 points to 2569.8 points. The package index has risen from around 3800 points to 4324.1 points, which is close to the high level of LED manufacturers' large-scale distribution in the first quarter of 2013, indicating that the production capacity of the entire LED industry is extremely active.
At the same time, the price of white LED mainstream products continued to decline in 2014, of which 36-50 lumens of light bulbs fell 6,120-140 lumens of light bulbs fell 3, the price of LED lighting products has been very close to the price of incandescent lamps, Close to the sweet spot.
An LED industry analyst told the China Securities Journal that from the fundamental point of view, LED lighting is a very certain industry in terms of growth in 2014, mainly because of the decline in prices, the market acceptance capacity has matured, and the manufacturers’ willingness to promote is very strong. Together with the accelerated channel change of LEDs, it has provided new increments for the large-scale sales of LED lighting products.
Research institutions expect that the penetration rate of LED lighting products in the global market is rapidly increasing. In 2014, the output value of LED lighting products will reach 17.8 billion US dollars, and the total number of LED lighting products shipped will reach 1.32 billion, an increase of 68.
Compared with the slowdown of smart phones and the uncertainty of wearables, LED technology has matured in the industry, and the upstream code-up capacity of Chinese upstream manufacturers such as Sanan Optoelectronics has been a high probability event, and upstream and downstream have reached a tacit agreement. LED lighting will be promoted smoothly, which makes the industry continue to be optimistic about the performance of LED related companies. Wang Fei said, but the differentiation effect in the later industry is also very obvious. The resources in the same industrial chain will be tilted towards large enterprises, and the first-mover advantage of the enterprises that have taken the lead will be very obvious.
LED research institutes believe that in the Chinese market, not only emerging LED manufacturers are actively deploying LED light source market, but traditional lighting manufacturers with brand and pipeline advantages are also actively adopting a two-pronged approach to expanding LED lighting business by network and physical stores. The government is also working hard. Through the subsidy policy, it plays an active role to promote the development of the LED industry, and at the same time resolves the overcapacity caused by over-subsidization of upstream equipment and the collapse of enterprises. It is expected that China's LED lighting products will increase by 86.
The business of listed companies continues to expand For this year's lighting market, Deng Fei, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Dehao Runda, told reporters that the huge space of the lighting market is undoubted. From the perspective of Dehao Runda, on the one hand, it focuses on the growth of enterprises, on the one hand, sharing The growth of the industry. The company has reached an agreement with Electrolux and Whirlpool in overseas markets, and has obtained the right to use AEG and WHIRLPOOL brands in overseas countries, and has established sales subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and other countries and regions. . The synergy effect of Dehao Runda from upstream chips to downstream lighting brands is gradually emerging. He said.
Together with NVC's sales revenue, Dehao Runda has become the largest lighting company in the industry. The five-year plan is to create 30 billion yuan in sales, of which NVC Lighting has a contribution of 10 billion yuan. Wang Donglei, chairman of Dehao Runda, told the media. According to industry insiders, NVC has more than 3,000 stores in the country, providing strong support for the sales of LED lamps in the retail sector. According to JPMorgan Chase's forecast, NSK's operating performance in 2013 will grow by more than 28 times compared to 2012, and will grow by 100 in 2014.
With the continuous development of the domestic LED industry, corporate competition is also becoming increasingly hot, and the survival of the fittest will become inevitable. Liu Di, Secretary of the Board of Directors of National Star Optoelectronics, a leading LED packaging company in China. She said that as a capital-intensive industry, strong capital is very important, but the accumulation of technology can show the strength of a company. Guoxing Optoelectronics has now built a whole industry chain production and sales system from upstream chips to downstream applications. The company realizes the mass production of upstream chips and further reduces costs through the upgrading of product structure and process in the midstream packaging field. In addition, in the downstream lighting fixtures and applications, National Star Optoelectronics will continue to introduce differentiated new products for different distribution channels and engineering channels to meet different market needs.
The old Chinese lamp Wang Foshan Lighting is also catching up with the LED market. Pan Jie, the newly appointed chairman of the company last year, said in an interview with the media that Foshan Lighting is not the longest in the LED field, but its every move often has a stone that provokes the effect of thousands of waves. The company only in 2013. A number of ultra-high-cost products have been introduced, which has also driven the price of similar products in the industry to turn sharply and promote the rapid spread of LED products. According to the data, since Foshan Lighting has invested in the LED production line in 2012, the production capacity has increased exponentially. With the channels in the lighting field and the mature marketing network, the company has adopted a rapid price reduction promotion strategy with the national distributors to seize market space.

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