Fashion brings a sick wear high heels easy back pain

The use of skinny jeans, T-shaped underwear, flip-flops, snow boots and other fashion wear has become a must-have for some young people in recent years, but they may bring you unexpected injuries. Recently, the American Broadcasting Corporation asked experts to point out hidden potential health problems in these fashionable clothes on the market.

Skinny jeans: In the 1970s, skinny jeans were all the rage. At that time, many people were finally sent to the emergency room because of the discomfort caused by being too tight. Nowadays, the fabric of jeans is more and more advanced. “I have Lycra” makes many people think it is tight and flexible and can tolerate it. It does not know that it will cause harm to your nerves. Yale University neuroscientist Dr. Olivier Avize pointed out that often through tight jeans will cause "abnormal sexual pain syndrome". This is because a nerve near the groin is oppressed, resulting in an abnormal reaction. The result is pain from the groin to the outside of the thigh and even the knee. It can take several weeks or even months to resolve.

Tight panties: When women wear panties or regular underwear but the panties are too tight, the chance of developing vulvar infections is greatly increased. Steiner, an associate professor of family medicine at Oregon Health and Science University, points out that tight fitting underwear can increase friction and make it easier to bring bacteria near the anus to the perineum. Since the vagina, anus, and urethra of women are closer and the urethra is shorter, bacteria can enter the bladder and cause bladder infections or urinary tract inflammation.

High-heeled shoes: Jensen, chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics, pointed out that wearing high heels frequently can cause Achilles tendon contractions, which can cause difficulties in walking. It also affects the body's ability to balance and put more pressure on the waist. This is why women who love to wear high heels often complain about low back pain.

Flip flops: For many people, flip flops are their best choice for the summer. However, Dr. Jensen pointed out that flip-flops, especially those that are cheap, have insufficient support for the heel and arches, which can easily cause the wearer to have plantar fasciitis, which mainly manifests as heel pain. In addition, due to poor shock absorption, the flip flops are also likely to cause tendinitis; their lack of protection for the foot also makes the latter vulnerable to external forces.

Snow boots: In the past two years, the UGG brand represented by the chubby, lovely snow boots became the new darling of many girls. However, its sole is flat and lacks sufficient support for the foot; the inside of the foot slides easily, and the tendon's tendon is overloaded to maintain balance. Therefore, in addition to provoking plantar fasciitis, such boots can also cause gingivitis.

Tote bags: Many women’s handbags are getting bigger and heavier, and men are rushing around on the road with a laptop for work. This can easily lead to shoulder pain and overwhelm the muscles. Experts suggest that the volume and weight of the bag must be controlled. The best way to carry the back is to slant it. In addition, doing back stretching exercises often helps muscles and bones recover from fatigue.

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