Fashion customization of e-commerce

Customization of clothing is not new, but combining it with e-commerce is being practiced by more and more companies.

Evo is one of the first e-commerce companies in China to launch the clothing custom business. Its founder, He Guanbin, found that simply imitating the foreign advanced customization model is difficult to develop in China. It hopes to establish an operable clothing production and sales model that can retain some of the advantages of the high-end customization model while achieving citizenization. Tailored. Thus he locked the target group in the white-collar men's market.

A shirt, Evo will be broken down into the collar, sleeves, layout, back and other parts, and then in accordance with the popular launch of different styles for consumers to choose. Consumers can combine according to their preferences and achieve limited customization. This positioning also helped Evo to quickly open the market.

But online shopping, in many cases, traffic does not translate into purchasing power, because online customization is the biggest problem. He Guanbin's solution is to combine online and offline to achieve complementary advantages and mutual penetration. With the combination of experience stores, He Guanbin found that the consumer's rate of orders has greatly improved.

In order to solve the problem of tailor-made clothing on the Internet, the cool clothing company that launched the brand-name men's clothing has created its own set of methods.

Since the beginning of 1996, Kuang clothing company has been exploring the industrialization and customization mode of garments. They hope to achieve industrialization through the use of modern information industry and sewing equipment to replace the inefficient and manual customization modes that require high skill.

They have been starting from professional tailoring business and have been working for more than ten years. In clothing customization, they have accumulated a large number of talents, models, techniques and experience. This laid the foundation for its branded branded menswear and made customization even simpler: In their database, there are millions of measurements and customizations are created to make customization easy and convenient. law. Consumers can customize tailored clothing simply by selecting one of the thousands of models that fits their own type. It is said that this method also brings the satisfaction rate of fit to more than 95%. In order to make this data reach 100%, the brand-name men's wear also introduced the initial experience customization mechanism of unconditional return.

How to solve the problem of measuring tailored clothing online? The secret is to design the garment type system very carefully. The spacing between the number type and the number type is very small, not only to ensure that everyone has a number type, but also to ensure that the clothing customized according to the type can be put on.

Due to the large number of models, there are more than enough people to cover a large number of people, and the spacing between the models is fine enough so that people do not feel the difference and the fit can be achieved. It is precisely because of this huge number system that people only need to select from the middle number to customize, and do not need to face to face.

To prevent customers from selecting the wrong number, the first thing to do is to ensure that the size of the number provided by the customer must be simple. After discussion, they decided to use the three common sizes as the basis for the customer's selection number. For example, to select the shirt type, you only need to provide height, collar, and net chest circumference; selecting the trouser type only needs the waist, length, and net hip circumference. Because these three dimensions can be measured by the customer himself, even measurement inaccuracy will not affect the fit effect.

Through statistics, they found that the total number of models does not exceed 3,000, which can ensure that the fit satisfaction rate is above 95%, and the total number of shirts is even smaller. And 95% is the highest level in the current tailor-made garment industry, and the number and size of this model are not difficult to achieve in production.

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