Fingerprint lock market broad core technology into the industry R & D focus

It is understood that the fingerprint lock is a smart fingerprint to identify the carrier and means of human fingerprints, it is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. Fingerprint locks as a derivative of access control identification, relying on the development of biometric technology, foreign countries have gradually risen into more families. For our domestic market, the popularity of fingerprint lock is far less than its reputation as prosperous. However, for the security market, fingerprint locks still have explosive market potential. Fingerprint lock should be born Fingerprint lock as the third generation of security products, breaking the traditional sense of a single mechanical lock function, is set optical, mechanical, electronic and fingerprint core algorithm technology as a high-tech products. Fingerprint lock now has many features, such as networking capabilities, open the door records, remote control, smart alarm, multiplayer mode, manager level and so on. These are closely linked with the IT industry of electronic information technology. So as people's awareness of security, living standards and the continuous improvement of demand, new functions, new needs are constantly emerging, at the same time by the national government agencies require, there are many related needs. In addition, there are special requirements for the linkage system of the banking system, the 3 linkage gates of the vault, fingerprint gun cabinet, tax system, prison, medical and health, education system, examination system and so on. Fingerprint lock market less competition According to statistics, the number of access control in China is about 500,000 or more a year. At present, the application of fingerprint identification in access control is only about 1%. According to the general foreign ratio, about 20% should be used. In other words, the domestic market for security biometrics products has a market gap of around 95,000. Another obvious situation is that there are currently only a few companies that manufacture and sell fingerprints and fingerprint access control. Therefore, there are two A clear characteristic: the market, less competition. At this stage, the main competitor fingerprint lock or proximity card, password lock and high-end mechanical lock. These locks for the high-end market, no matter what the function of the lock, there are strengths and weaknesses, the fingerprint lock market, the concept of fingerprint lock avant-garde really if imprinted and imprinted in the minds of consumers, it sold in the final a Will have a lot to alleviate. However, judging from the current situation of concept promotion, there is still a long way to go. Fingerprint locks can not become a popular consumer product in the coming one to two years. Subdividing the market at a competitive level can reveal that the target group of fingerprint locks must be a high-end middle-aged and young people, and this type of people is just another typical example of pursuing the frontier consumption in the market. Study of such people, not difficult to find that the spread of word of mouth in their consumption process occupies a considerable proportion of the influence. In other words, for them, the price is not the dominant factor, they are concerned about the so-called fingerprint lock security, convenience in its acceptable circumstances, whether the advantages can be transformed into real life enjoyment. Based on the above factors, the future development of fingerprint lock can be explored, with good product performance, has a good after-sales mechanism is a fingerprint lock brand based on the market, but also the foundation of the entire industry at full speed. From the field of competition, the fingerprint lock more intense competition in recent years or in the field of engineering heavy volume. Throughout the entire fingerprint lock market, many manufacturers in the civilian sector are in a state of stagnation in retail, are all wait and see attitude. Currently, the success of project bidding by brand and success stories to support the era is still not over. In other words, the overall strength of the fingerprint lock industry, including the design, development, manufacturing, and sales segments, is still only focused on some businesses. So, the real start of the fingerprint lock market also requires the process, of course, time will not be too long, many fingerprint lock companies have been ready to meet the baptism and challenges. Fingerprint lock core technology analysis Fingerprint lock as a high-tech electronic information products, the following core technology research is the focus of development: Fingerprint identification algorithm: The current fingerprint identification algorithm is the core of each company's own intellectual property algorithm, the corresponding technical indicators have the following aspects, for example: Fake false recognition rate (false recognition rate): <0.0001%: one million Rejection rate: <0.3%: three thousandths, that is, you store the fingerprint, the chance of refusing to unlock; rotation angle: plus or minus 180 degrees, which is 360 degrees can be arbitrary Of the rotation; maximum pan: 5mm; recognition time: <0.2s, fingerprint matching processing time. Optical collection instrument: Among the many fingerprint collection sensors, optical collection system is the most reliable, can adapt to various occasions, anti-sabotage, long life. And now there are two products (bright, dark background), through the stringent testing before the application of the fingerprint lock products. This problem can occur in most optical pickup systems. For example, prism systems may have trapezoidal distortion, rectangular distortion, etc., but they can be corrected by the optical system compensation. If not compensated, the surface of the collector Fingerprint image inconsistent deformation, thus affecting the identification of fingerprints; If you need to upload images to the computer system, it will make the image distortion, distortion parameters can not be controlled in the production will make the fingerprint lock in the network identification system can not Identify images captured by other locks, resulting in networked fingerprint recognition system can not be achieved.

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