GEORGETOMMY brand stores franchise model

GEORGE TOMMY brand stores franchisee mode signed the first phase of the contract for one year, waive the initial fee A, monopoly regional protection: to provide dealers with an agreed regional market exclusive operating platform; B, a unified price system: the national retail sales, The same level of dealer purchase price consistent; C, to help store location: to help dealers choose the most suitable business venue; D, unified image decoration: according to the actual store size tailored to provide free image decoration program, shelves, display props And shop decoration subsidies; E, manager training: product knowledge, shopping guide, display guide, pop design, inventory management, sales skills training, etc .; F, brand advertising: national brand advertising program developed by the headquarters and funded H, replacement of goods: unsalable products can be exchanged within the appropriate replacement rate range into other products, thereby reducing the dealer due to backlog of goods generated investment risk; I, terminal service: for the terminal The quality of sales of goods returned by the headquarters to implement the Three Guarantees service, so that customers can buy more at ease Dealers sell more comfortable; J, the season order system: annual spring and summer, autumn and winter new orders will be invited to the dealer site to see like ordering, exquisite gift during the order will also organize regional distributors exchange seminars and Hired professional lecturer for the recent market feedback to give the appropriate explanation, training. George Tommy apparel business positioning 1. Brand positioning: more mature mid-range fashion casual brand. 2. Consumer positioning: 25 years old - 40-year-old as the main urban mature men and women groups. 3. Product style positioning: sophisticated British fashion series Apparel style 4. Product price positioning: spring and summer prices to 200-400 yuan as the benchmark, autumn and winter prices to 300-600 yuan as the benchmark.

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