High requirements for the material and processing of the flexible wheel

The short life of the flexible wheel places high demands on the material and processing of the flexible wheel. The application of rolling friction pairs in mechanical components has greatly inspired the transmission workers. Many scholars have been researching and researching for many years, the most effective of which are RV transmission and movable tooth transmission. Motor type test RV transmission overcomes the shortcomings of cycloidal pinwheel transmission and has been applied in foreign countries.
The domestic research is more on the movable tooth transmission, the movable tooth transmission uses the steel ball as the key component of the meshing, and the force of the steel ball is better. However, the steel ball in the movable tooth transmission is not in the pure rolling engagement state, and the distance between the steel balls is constantly changing in the transmission, which is a variable pitch transmission.
Since the meshing pair operates in a sliding state, the transmission efficiency is not ideal. At the same time, because there is a cage or a movable toothed disc in the transmission, the wall thickness is very thin at large speed ratio, and the strength is obviously insufficient. The solid gear curve in the transmission is difficult to process with special curves. A rolling meshing shifting mechanism utilizing a steel ball and a set of inner and outer cycloidal raceways, Yucai has high meshing rigidity. The steel ball is in a good condition, the meshing is mainly rolling, the transmission efficiency is high, and the transmission can be achieved by pre-tightening the transmission to achieve high transmission accuracy.

Waterjet Cutting sandabrasive sand, Garnet Sand used for waterjet cutting of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel plate, copper, titanium alloy and other metal materials, tile, stone, rubber, glass, wood Wait. Special application glass cutting, mobile phone screens, semiconductors, etc.

High quality waterjet garnet sand usually has the following characteristics for your reference:

1. High quality garnet sand for waterjet cutting usually has a fast cutting speed and a more strait and smoother cutting surface; 

2.The high quality garnet water cutting sand has been washed, sieved and magnetically selected several times. Ensure that the product is clean and free of dust and fine particles, as these impurities are not cut.

3. The high-quality garnet waterjet sand has no water-blocking cutter heads, which ensures the continuous and stable operation of the water jet equipment.

in water jet cutting, we always use 60 mesh sand, 80 mesh sand, 120 mesh sand and 140 mesh sand.

Abrasive Garnet Sand

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