Hot air micro-expansion and drying technology helps the listing of COFCO instant noodles

On July 16th, the China Food Science and Technology Society organized experts in Beijing to evaluate the hot air micro-expanded and dried grain instant noodles (non-fried) developed by COFCO Wugu Dojo Food Co., Ltd. Experts agreed that the product combines hot air micro-expanded dried instant noodles (non-fried), nutritious grains, and cooking recipes. It is innovative, and the overall technology has reached the domestic advanced level. It is active in the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. Meaning, the market has broad prospects.

According to Sun Zhehao, Director of the Research and Development Department of COFCO Convenience Foods, the project has adopted continuous, large-scale, follow-up investigations and analysis to carry out product innovation projects for instant noodles, a mature industry, relying on hot-air micro-expansion drying technology, and relying on Chinese traditions. The combination of the concept of healthy cereals and cooking dishes has created a brand new instant noodle product.

Among them, the use of hot air drying micro-expansion technology in cakes, to thoroughly improve the non-fried instant noodle cake rehydration; using high-temperature short-time hot air drying process, increase the degree of noodle puffing, improve noodles taste, shorten the bubble, cooking time. In terms of materials, soft canned production technology was used to select high quality beef, pork ribs, tomatoes, peas, and other ingredients, without flavor, application of high temperature and high pressure sterilization process to maintain the natural flavor and taste of cooking dishes. In the aspect of the mix of flour and cakes, the face cake with multi-grain nutrition and the large soft canned package with 120 grams of real materials, the combination of the two, breaks through the traditional collocation mode of instant noodles, so that not only the flavor, but also There is material. In the aspect of packaging design, through joint research with the packaging material manufacturers, the three-layer co-extruded composite material with A/B/C structure was trial-produced; through the reasonable matching of materials, the oxygen barrier property, moisture resistance, and pendulum resistance were improved. The impact energy and light-shielding property guarantee the taste, flavor, color and nutrition of the grain surface without loss, and the shelf life reaches 12 months.

Experts believe that the project uses hot-air micro-expansion drying technology, through the optimization of research on the process conditions such as dry cake temperature and wind speed, successfully solves the problem of rehydration and bad taste of the mixed-grain bread cake, and uses the soft canning technology to develop the cooking. The cuisine package changed the flavor and composition of the traditional convenient fabric package. The products such as tomato burdock purple sweet potato noodles, sour soup buckwheat buckwheat noodles and other products were simulated using a single package, and the product kitchen was rejuvenated and delicious. The research on the optimization of the technological formulas such as comparison and selection of different kinds of grains and different amounts of added ingredients has incorporated more healthy elements into the traditional instant noodle products, which has enhanced the nutritional value of the products and enriched the product categories in the market.

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