How to choose bedding for newlyweds

One third of a person's life is spent in bed, so bedding is closely related to people's lives, and it is more important for newlyweds to ignore.

At present, the dazzling array of goods on the market is often dazzling and impossible to start, so how to choose comfortable, elegant and affordable bedding? Don't worry, Baodi Home Textile will answer your questions one by one.

1. Bed: There are many types of beds at present, such as stretcher beds, spring beds, sofa beds, bamboo beds, wooden beds and so on. The height of the bed should be slightly higher than the height of the kneecap of the sleeping person to the ground. Too high, strenuous and difficult to use, inconvenient; too low, poor ventilation, easy to get wet, it is not convenient to bend up and down. From the soft and hard aspects of the bed, young people who are just married should not sleep in a soft bed. It is best to put a three-layer mat on the board to help sleep hygiene.

2. Mattress: The mattress materials commonly used in the market include straw, pudding, silk, cotton, sponge and latex sponge. Generally, the mattress is required to have moisture absorption, warmth, non-toxicity, and the like, and the texture is soft, elastic, and sleepy and moderate, which is beneficial to health. Recently, the popular polyurethane foam mattress has bright and light colors, light weight, softness, good elasticity, strong heat insulation, and has the characteristics of ventilation, vacuuming, oil absorption, water absorption, alkali resistance and acid resistance. Especially favored by newlyweds.

3. Bed sheet cover: the style of the bed should be combined when purchasing. If it is a Simmons bed, it is necessary to use large-size western-style bed sheets. The pattern is preferably a non-directional scattered flower or a square flower pattern. If it is a bed with a bed on both sides, and one side is empty and placed against the wall, the bed sheets should be selected. Newlyweds prefer matching bedding, in addition to a bed sheet, a long pillow, two delicate and soft pillows, and a rich and elegant bed cover. It is the darling of modern interior textile decorations, which can block dust and create a bright and soft artistic atmosphere.

From the overall aesthetic point of view of the room, the choice of bed sheet cover must be considered from the overall layout and color of the room, as much as possible in the color and style of furniture, books, curtains, tablecloths, etc., reflecting beauty in harmony. From the texture point of view, it is best to choose cotton products with better moisture absorption, followed by cotton cloth, which is soft and comfortable. Sheets should not be too thick, because thick and thick, both uncomfortable and rough, it is very difficult to wash. Too loose and not suitable for use, dust-proof soil is deposited on the mattress through the perforations of the fabric. At present, the fabrics of bedding products popular in the West are generally 100% pure cotton, or contain 40% or 60% pure cotton components.

4. Being shackled: Being shackled is both a necessity in daily life and an ornament. Some people like gorgeous, and some people like elegant. Most of the quilts used for marriage are silk, and there are many varieties, mainly jacquard, printing and embroidering. The jacquard quilt has a bright color, soft and moisturizing touch, and has good warmth, moisture absorption and breathability. The printed surface is thick and smooth, the fabric is fine, the brightness is good, the pattern is clear, the lines are clear, and the three-dimensional feeling is rich. Su embroidery quilt cover and Xiang embroidery quilt cover, mostly embroidered with hand-embroidered buckles on plain soft satin, delicate and elegant, magnificent and colorful, rich in national characteristics. It is better to use hygroscopic cotton fabrics in the middle and the middle of the house...

5. Pillows: Most of the pillows used in the past are rice husks and buckwheat husks. Many people nowadays prefer pillows made of silk, down, high-rebound cotton, and health-care materials. The pillowcase should also be made of cotton, which is not easy to slide. The size of the pillow varies from person to person and can be made into a double pillow. It can be made into a square shape or a square shape. The style should be novel, and the thickness should be as wide as the shoulder of the person.

6. Bed accessories: In order to increase the brightness of the room and match the decorations of other furniture in the bedroom, the decorations on the bed also have its unique charm. The cotton-woven bed accessories will match the fabric on the sofa and table and chair. When choosing, the color should be similar to the color of the bed sheet or bed cover. The pure white fabric is suitable for all kinds of sheets or bedspreads. Some people like to decorate the bed with a variety of accessories, pay attention to Ning Jing not much, otherwise it will give people a messy feeling. The cushions on the bed are both beautiful and practical, and can be made into any shape with a variety of lively patterns on it, giving a strong sense of life.

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