Consumers are easy to get lost in pages, when trying to figure out the best car cover for their ride. Here we`d compare the available car covers from BEST WAY, and INDOOR CAR COVER If your vehicle is kept indoors for days, look for a cover with breathable material. Here`re 3 choices. 1. Single layer non-woven cover It`s the most economical material for indoor parking, providing basic protection against dust and cobwebs. 2. Multi-layer non-woven cover A multi-layer composite non-woven, much stronger than single layer one, and more durable for long time use. 3. Single layer polyester cover, offering basic protection, breathable, not waterproof. The polyester car cover is a soft and lightweight choice, easy to install and easy to put in in trunk. There`re many different colors available, like popular navy blue, red, black, and so on. And with a silver coating on polyester fabric, the material is reflective, can be used outdoor in sunny days. OUTDOOR CAR COVER Looking for a thick car cover that offers more protection from bad weather? See below: 1. Multi-layer non-woven with PE layer This material usually comes with 3 layers or 4 layers, include a waterproof PE layer among them. This waterproof layer makes it an all-weather car cover. 2. PVC or PE material waterproof car cover The car cover is made of PVC or PE outer layer with PP cotton backing, thick and heavy material, 100% waterproof, not breathable. It performed better than others in bad weather. And the material is more durable. 3. Hail proof car cover This car cover is with extra thick Neoprene top, designed for hail drop or debris flow, excellent protection against dents and dings on the vehicle top. BEST WAY has a joint venture sew factory, is professional in making all kinds of car covers. Any further question, please contact us!

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