How to develop a successful export plan

A key to the successful development of an export plan is to involve all involved in the export process in the export plan. All aspects of an export plan should be supported by specific implementers.

A clear written export strategy has at least the following direct benefits: Because the written plan shows your strengths and weaknesses more clearly, it can be a great help in further refining your export strategy. Written plans are not easily forgotten, ignored, or intentionally executed by someone who evades for some reason. Even if there is an act of leaving the original plan in the future, it must be well thought out and not arbitrary. It is easier to communicate effectively with others without being misunderstood and can be used to clarify their respective responsibilities and provide a basis for future performance evaluation.

It is also possible to seek financial support. It shows that planners are taking his export business very seriously. A written export plan can indicate to the company's management what needs to be supported by the company in order to obtain the necessary external conditions when necessary.

In fact, an approved written export plan also indicates that the determination to export is fixed.

The latter advantage is particularly noteworthy. It takes time for companies to carry out their internationalization. For a company that starts investing time, energy and funds to export, it may take some time to see the return; this time is usually several months, sometimes even several years. And a detailed written export plan can make the company's higher decision-making level firmly believe in the confidence of the export and thus promote the company's export efforts.

The importance of international marketing programs

Behind most successful examples is a plan. Whether written or verbal, a marketing plan is a basic tool that can be used to properly evaluate all factors that affect your company's ability to compete internationally.

An international marketing plan should include the following aspects of the company: commitment to international trade; export price strategy; incentives for export; potential export markets and methods for customers to enter the international market; export financing options; legal requirements; transportation methods; Overseas investment ability.

Developing an international marketing plan is important to your company's market positioning, internal goals and commitments. It is also necessary for the funding you seek to export. Making a loan plan from a bank in advance will save you time and money. Completing and analyzing an export marketing plan can help you predict future goals, summarize facts, identify limitations, and develop an action report. It also sets clear goals, an implementation timeline and milestones towards success.

Planned process and results

The key step in the plan is to have a clear understanding of the company's goals, objectives, capabilities, and limitations so that the export plan is highly aligned with the company's overall goals.

The export plans that were originally developed should generally be a few simple pages. Because important market data and basic elements of the plan are still unknown. Through our initial export exploration, we gradually gained more market information. Insight into and analysis of these market information, we can then form a more detailed export planning document.

Fundamentally, export planning should be seen as a management tool and not just a static document. For example, in addition, the goals of the plan should be compared to actual results to measure the success of different strategies. Moreover, when new information and experience are obtained, the company should not hesitate to modify the plan to make the plan more detailed. A company's export plan that intends to export directly should adopt a detailed plan. Companies that choose indirect export methods can ask for a simpler plan.

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