How to identify silver jewelry true and false

1. Identification of silver content identification: In accordance with GB11887-2008 "Rules and Standards for Purity of Precious Metal Jewelry", silver jewelry sold on the market must be marked on the product, indicating the purity of silver, that is, the content of silver, expressed in thousands. , that is, the amount of silver is not less than 925 称为 called 925 silver, silver 925 imprint; silver 990 or silver weighs not less than 990 ,, full silver or silver 990 imprint; silver content is not less than 999 ‰ Thousands of feet of silver, playing thousands of silver imprints, or playing silver 999 imprint.

2, check the color: the higher the purity, the more white and silver, delicate surface, uniform bright, there are touches. If it contains lead, the surface has a grayish-gray color; if it contains copper, the surface roughness has a dry feeling. Although the oxidized silver has “black rust” on the surface, its color is black and bright, and lead, tin, and white copper are not glossy.

3. Weight: As the silver density is slightly larger than the common metal, generally speaking: “Aluminium is light, silver is heavy, and copper is not light nor heavy”, so the weight of the silver can be used to make a preliminary judgment on whether it is silver or not. .

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