How to judge the true meaning of chalcedony

Girls like to wear beautiful jewelry, and in the many accessories, the texture of chalcedony accounts for a large proportion. But there are a lot of counterfeit products of chalcedony, so what is the judgement of chalcedony?

The natural chalcedony texture is pure, the color is gorgeous, and there is a kind of moist feeling. The black heart merchants are dealing with the chalcedony which is not good in material according to these characteristics, shoddy and sell high prices. The chaotic chalcedony on the market has mainly undergone the following two treatments:

Heat treatment

Mainly for the color treatment of jade containing iron factor, there is no chemical addition. Heat-treated products, because its internal structure has been changed, so the color is mostly dim, not as bright and natural as the natural chalcedony, the luster and the water head are not as beautiful as natural products, the material lacks water head, dry hair, and hair.

Glue injection

It is mainly used for dyeing raw stone with dim color and poor texture. This is a chemical treatment process. However, the dye will be distributed along the cracks on the surface of the chalcedony. The pigmentation of the network can be seen by the naked eye. The color is extremely unnatural, very frivolous, and the head and texture are boring.

No matter what kind of processing these fake chalcedony are, after all, it is not natural. If you look carefully and discern carefully, you will find the flaws. For the natural chalcedony, the texture is more transparent, the better the water head, the better the water head, the less internal impurities, the less cracks and stone streaks.

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