How to maintain my high-grade leather products?

At present, leather garments (leather jackets, leather coats, leather vests, leather pants, leather skirts, etc.) have reached the collection season. Because skins contain protein components, special attention must be paid to avoid moisture, mildew, and insects. In the collection, you must do the following five points:

First, if it has been stained with oil or dirt when it is worn, you can use a clean cotton cloth to dipped a little water to gently dust off the surface, and then use a flannel to gently wipe with a neutral detergent or egg white until the dirt is rubbed. After that, wipe it off with clean water and hang it in a ventilated place. Do not use fire or expose to sunlight.

Second, if leather garments are found to have tears, stitches fall off, missing buttons, missing zippers, and damaged clips, they should be promptly repaired or exchanged.

Third, the leather wrinkles can be ironed with an electric iron, the temperature is generally between 60-70 degrees Celsius, with a thin cotton cloth as lining, constantly moving the iron. If the leather surface has lost its luster, you can polish it with a "leather polish", but do not rub it with shoe polish. It is not difficult to polish the leather. Just use a cloth to apply the liquid and gently apply it to the clothing one or two times. In general, polishing once every two or three years can keep leather garments shiny and extend the life of leather garments.

Fourth, it is best to use a hanger to hang in the wardrobe when collecting, but do not hang it together with other wool, chemical fiber clothing, and can be separated with cotton cloth. Can also be placed in the box, should be flat, should not be folded. Because of the long folding time, wrinkle marks are difficult to recede. Avoid chemicals such as mothballs or insect repellents in the box so as not to cause pan-color reaction on the leather surface.

Fifth, after the rainy season, you must remove the leather clothing to check for mildew. If moldy spots are present, mold must be promptly picked up and put in the sun at 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning.

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