How to prevent reducer leakage?

Gearbox oil spill is a common problem, the oil spill may be due to box quality problems, the quality of oil, oil seal quality problems, the pressure inside and outside the box and other issues, the other if the oil filling too much can also lead to overflow. Reducer in the event of leakage should be based on the actual situation to take measures, here we introduce a simple method of treatment. If it is the quality of the gear reducer castings caused by the oil leakage, you can first use gasoline and other cleaning agents will cast oil spill clean-up, and then into the concentration of 20% hydrochloric acid, hydrochloric acid after a day out and then clean, relying on chemical reaction to generate chlorine Ferrous blockage trachoma or cracks. Gearbox oil return caused by poor oil spills. Poor gearbox oil return The oil splashing on the inside wall of the tank can not be returned to the sump as quickly as possible, which can cause the oil to gradually leak along the shaft. What I can not do is set the oil seal on the reducer head, and at the same time use oil slinger to block the oil from leaking back to the oil pool. It is also possible to design an annular oil return groove on the seating surface of the base to allow the oil to flow back to the tank and partly to the bearings for lubrication. Gearbox cleaning and maintenance machine gear box to the original oil supply and drainage system and the filtered old oil can be realized on the gear box cleaning, rapid filtration of waste oil, filling new oil and other functions, the operation does not change the hardware facilities, not Add cleaning agent to ensure the safe operation of the gear box to extend the service life. This is also one of the necessary steps to reduce the use of gear reducer is also a lot of businesses will ignore. Reducer internal pressure is greater than the external pressure is the main reason for oil spills. The greater the pressure difference, the more serious leakage, therefore, can take reasonable pressure equalization measures. If the lid on the design of the vent cap and vent plug, vent cap and vent hole diameter is too small, will increase the pressure difference between inside and outside and cause oil spills. Therefore, the choice should be the main inspection, you can open the vent cap, high-speed reducer running for a few minutes, touch the vent, if the hot air is too small aperture, you can change a large vent cap. 【Print】 【Close】

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