Inflation Expectations Marginal Effect Shaoxing Textile Industry "General Up"

Zhang Zixiang connected to three phones in five minutes. "They all came from abroad." Zhang put down the phone and said that buyers are urging him almost daily. Right now this season, let him trance back to the hottest years of the textile industry. In the past week, Zhang's BMW X6 traveled almost a thousand miles a day, holding hundreds of thousands of meters of orders and personally went to visit the textile factory's bosses. These manufacturers have started enough capacity for his trade in Shaoxing Co., Ltd. priority processing orders. Into November, Zhang Zixiang feel the surge in overseas orders. Although at the time of the most financial crisis, Zhang's company also had no worries about no business and its foreign trade growth rate has been maintained at about 30%. But the surge in orders, still let him unexpected. Zhang found that business generally good is not his family thing. After the financial crisis, Zhang averages 4-5 textile factory owners every day in the company, the latter finding a way out for capacity. But these people disappeared by November. Prices are up at this time. "All kinds of cotton cloth, rose 0.5-1 yuan per meter in a week." Zhang analysis said that the white cloth has appeared broad general trend. Textile mills began to refuse past credit transactions. Naboo had to go cash or check, even with money. Changes in the situation, so Zhang quickly change their business strategy. On the one hand, he worked with the mills to price the price. "The previous proofing cycle was half a month, according to the current situation, the sample came out, the price has been completely different." Zhang's two warehouses began to store goods. Years of experience in foreign trade told him that after nearly one year of inventory digestion, those foreign companies to purchase a large number of. Xu Huanming, secretary of Shaoxing County Committee, told this newspaper that demand is only one of the hot factors in the textile industry. A deeper factor is that the prices of raw materials such as cotton, coal, crude oil and dyes are rising sharply. By the end of November, the price of high-combed 40-piece pure cotton yarn reached over 27,000 yuan / ton, up by 5,000 yuan over the beginning of the month. The cotton elastic satin white fabric rose from 9.4 yuan / m to 10.3 yuan. Other cotton Other conventional products have 10% increase. Inflation expectations, has brought the marginal effect, but Zhang Zixiang refused a lot of orders. He said the old style of fabric prices are very transparent, profit margins have been compressed to the bottom. Recent transactions are orders 500,000 -600,000 meters, mainly to small customers, it is estimated that the annual volume of business 1/3. "If you follow the existing rally, who dare price orders?" "197 counties above the printing and dyeing enterprises are running at full capacity, and significantly improve the quality of operation." Shaoxing County Economic and Trade Secretary Sun Zhongfu said that before this year In October, printing and dyeing industry sales in this county only increased by 5.8%, but profit growth increased from -7.1% in February to 35.2% in October. As the Shaoxing textile industry accounts for about 70% of the total industrial output of the county, the recovery of the textile industry also drives the overall improvement of the industrial economy. In the first three quarters, industrial output in 20 industries increased in 31 sectors, an increase of 5 from the first half of the year, accounting for 64.5%. The growth rate of 21 industries rose 67.7% over June.

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