Inorganic Polymer Materials National Engineering Research Center Project

Project Name: National Engineering Research Center for Inorganic Polymer Materials Project Area: Guangdong Progress Phase: Filing Construction Period: January 2012-December 2014 Major Equipment: Building Materials, Exterior Wall Decoration Materials, Door and Window Glass, Sanitary Ware, Elevators , Cranes, Cranes, Excavators, Waterproof and Anticorrosion Materials, Paint Coatings, Valve Components, Ceramic Products, Instrumentation, Water Supply and Drainage Systems, Pipe Fittings, Water Supply Equipment, Outdoor Drainage, Construction Electrical, Lighting Fixtures, Low Voltage Electrical Appliances, Wire and Cable, Low Voltage System, lightning protection system, low voltage distribution cabinet, steel structure. (for reference only)
Project Profile: The project is located in Jianyan Building, No. 833 North Baiyun Avenue, Guangzhou, China National and Local Engineering Research Center for Inorganic Polymer Materials, construction scale 8653.00 square meters, main building renovation of Jianyan Building, non-cement-based inorganic products Man-made stone, inorganic anchorage and other inorganic polymer series of new products. The total investment of the project is 54 million yuan.
Construction unit: Guangzhou Construction Co., Ltd. Postal address: Room 210, Jianyan Building, No. 833, North Baiyun Avenue, Guangzhou Postcode: 510440 Contact person: Zhong Kaihong
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