JAC tractors start "excellent quality, driving wealth" program

Recently, Jianghuai Automobile launched a five-month campaign of “Excellent Quality, Leading Richness” across the country. Users who purchase JAC tractors will receive RMB 2000-6000 yuan in vehicle price and 1,000 yuan in spare parts. There will also be an opportunity to participate in the “Jiuhua Mountain Pray for the Rich” campaign and the full range of gold services after the car purchase.

The quadruple discount launched by JAC's tractors has attracted a lot of attention. Jianghuai Automobile related personnel explained: “In the market research, we found that many tractors had to stop to the service station to repair or even wait for accessories due to some minor faults. With the accessories package we provided, the driver himself Can deal with these small problems, to avoid wasting time." The reporter saw the car included thousands of gift packages including fuses, bearings, relays and other common accessories.

The full service after the purchase of a car is a "centering pill" for the user to eat. Customer Service Director Wang Xiufeng said: “JAC has 767 service stations and 356 parts supply points. We promise that customer issues will be handled in 24 hours, and key parts will be delivered within 48 hours via the green channel. The customer contact card, issued a service station atlas, to ensure that wherever the user goes, even if there is a problem can be dealt with the first time.”

It is understood that the Jianghuai tractor frame adopts a 6,000-ton hydraulic press for stamping and forming. This technology is unique in China. One-time stamping avoids frame fracture and greatly improves the vehicle's load-bearing capacity. The Gehl tractor has always been an advantageous model of the JAC heavy truck . It has a good reputation in terms of its power, fuel consumption, bearing capacity, and quality stability. It has been awarded the "most fuel-efficient heavy truck award" and "logistics recommendation" for two consecutive years. "Car" and other honors, the technical level in the industry in high-end. JAC 's aggressive promotion is bound to have a strong impact on the tractor market.

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