Jindi Longgang Baohe G02113-0021 plot construction project

Project Name: Land Plot Project for G02113-0021 in Longgang, Jindi (2011-2012)
Progress phase: Environmental impact assessment Construction period: 2011-2012 Major equipment: firefighting facilities, security facilities, water supply and drainage facilities, electrical facilities, ventilation facilities, lighting facilities, and cranes.

Project Description:
The project is located in Baolong District, Longgang District, Shenzhen, on the south side of Shahe Road, on the west side of Phase 1 of Zhenye Valley, and on the north side of the Phase II (proposed) site of Zhenye Valley. The total planned land area is 339,316.08 square meters, the total building area is 121575 square meters, and the total building area is 166,411 square meters. The residential area is about 110,050 square meters. It consists of eight 32-33 floors, less than 100 meters in commercial and residential buildings or residential buildings. The -2F is a commercial for the podium, and there is also a one-storey clubhouse, two underground floors and most of them. It is a garage and a small number of equipment rooms, of which the second floor underground is temporarily undefended. The total project investment is unknown.

Construction Unit: Shenzhen Jindibao City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Postal address: Jindi Commercial Building, Fuqiang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China Postal Code: 518048
Contact: Mr. Zhu Tel

Design Unit: Shenzhen Institute of Environmental Sciences (EIA)
Postal address: Building 3, Guiyi Street, Hongyi Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China Postal Code: 518001
Contact: Fang Gong Phone

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1.Tube Settler:

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Types of MBBR Media,PE Ball

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4.Fine Bubble Diffuser/Fine Bubble Aerator:

Fine Bubble Diffuser is a necessary equipment for air blast aeration aeration.The selection of aeration equipment not only affects the effect of sewage biochemical treatment, but also affects the occupation, investment and operation cost of sewage farm.The main types of micro-hole aerators are: diaphragm type micro hole aerator, pipe aerator, disk aerator, micro-hole ceramic aerator, etc.

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