Laser printer industry: conform to market development requirements

For a long time, due to the constant understanding of drug and food safety issues, the printer industry has brought more room for development. Because the function of the coding can be clear about its production date, it can also track potential problems and prevent counterfeiting.

The demand for laser printers has been rising Since the development of the era, laser printers have been rapidly developed, and many industries have begun to use laser printers widely, for example, they have an irreplaceable role in the plastic packaging industry. Compared with other inkjet technology, laser printers are more convenient, flexible, and highly flexible. It is precisely because of these factors that the demand for laser printers continues to increase.

Expand the laser printer industry: R&D commercialization is a breakthrough

There is no doubt that plastic can be said to be the most widely used packaging material. The plastic packaging has not only trademarks but also production dates, bar codes, etc., which are processed by laser printers, or through machinery. Coder to suppress the formation of. Compared with mechanical coders, laser printers are obviously more efficient to mark on plastic packaging, and will not damage the appearance characteristics of plastic packaging. This can make words, numbers or patterns better. Land and plastic packaging into one. Laser marking machines use laser beams to form marks directly on the surface of plastic packages. Whether they are text or digital, or they are patterned, they are formed once and do not require any additional processing steps.

The use of laser printers to mark goods is based on the following two points. First, there are more and more goods that need to be marked. The second is the need for more manufacturers to produce more and more goods. Countless products are tracked, so the control of the products will become more and more strict. Laser printers can be used in a wide variety of industries, from numbers, letters to text, icons, to any data that a laser printer can read.

Inkjet printers are about to be replaced by laser printers. With the continuous development of the food industry, the demand for the packaging machinery industry is increasing. As an important equipment for the packaging industry, the printer is widely used in various industries. .

Industry analysts pointed out that laser printers have stable performance, high reliability, high speed, low power consumption, small size, and a wide range of applications. With the continuous development of science and technology, laser ink jet printers have also become a development trend.

Inkjet printers can be used to print on various types of pharmaceutical packaging, and indicate the expiration date, production batch number, manufacturer's name, or promotional information. It is widely used as a food packaging device in the pharmaceutical industry. However, at present, there are few domestic companies that have formed a scale. Each manufacturer is using its own standard production equipment. There is no unified national standard and regulation, and there is a situation where shoddy and good and bad products coexist in the market.

Compared with ink jet printers, laser printers do not need to clean the print heads and frequently replace the consumables. They are more environmentally friendly than inks, and can greatly save operating costs. The marking effect of the inkjet codes is clearer, and long-term preservation is not prevented. Wiped out, its emergence has effectively solved the problem of goods picking due to unclear identification, becoming a new bright spot in the market.

The emergence of laser printers has shortened the gap between our country and developed countries to a certain extent. However, if we really want to catch up with developed countries, domestic companies must introduce new technologies and accelerate technological reforms. From the current customer demand, the equipment maintenance rate is low, the printing speed is fast, the content is more, the automatic cleaning is easy, and the operation is simple and fast will become a major trend in the future development of the printer. For the laser printer industry, if we want to continue to grow, we must take the path of international development, synchronize with the international laser printer market, develop new products with independent intellectual property rights, and quickly enter the R&D commercialization.

The industry pointed out that inkjet printer manufacturing companies should follow the requirements of market development, take product quality as the core, operate with integrity, and constantly improve the performance of the product. The inkjet printers are fast in printing speed, have many contents, and are easy to clean automatically. The operation is simple and quick. The direction of development. With the proliferation of requests for coding in food and other industries, the potential for future development of laser printers is huge.

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