Leading enterprises formally entered the field of LED lighting

In 2014, LED lighting was put on the outbreak of the outerwear. The rapid development of the industry has already begun to take shape. LED leading companies are actively expanding and preparing for this year, which is regarded by industry entrepreneurs. Acquisition is also one of the means of competition. Acquisition and acquisition of LED companies. [img]/uploads/allimg/140307/35-14030F91535330.jpg[/img] Chip maker Microchip Technology Inc (MCHP) announced on Monday that it has agreed to acquire high-voltage analog and mixed-signal chip maker Supertex Inc for $394 million in cash to strengthen its Supply to the medical, LED lighting, industrial and telecommunications industries. Under the agreement, Microchip will pay $33 per Supertex share, a premium of $24.38 on Friday, which is expected to be completed in the second quarter of this year. Microchip expects to improve its adjusted earnings per share in the first quarter after the transaction is completed. Huizhou Zhongjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. plans to enter the LED lighting field through the acquisition of Hunan Fangzhengda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fangzhengda). Last night, Zhongjing Electronics announced that it intends to purchase Fangzhengda 100 shares held by Fang Xiaoqiu and Lan Shunming (each holding a shareholding of Founder 50) in a non-public offering of shares and payment of cash. The valuation is 286 million yuan. Specifically, Zhongjing Electronics intends to issue approximately 13.78 million shares to Fang Shun and Lan Shun Ming and pay approximately RMB 21,748,500 in cash. At the same time, Zhongjing Electronics intends to raise matching funds to non-public issuance shares of no more than 10 other specific investors including Yang Lin, the actual controller of the company. The fundraising will be used to pay the cash consideration for the purchase of Founder and related agency fees. Wait. Yang Lin promised to subscribe for no more than 30 shares issued by this supporting fund. Zhongjing Electronics intends to issue the price of the shares issued by Fang Xiaoqiu and Lanshun Ming not less than RMB 8.83 per share, while investing in Yang Lin and other specific investments. The issue price of the person is not lower than 7.95 yuan / share. Founder's main business is the development, production and sales of flexible printed circuit boards (FPC). The products are mainly used in the field of LED energy-saving lighting. The main business of Zhongjing Electronics before the transaction is the development, production and sales of new electronic components. The main products are printed circuit boards such as double-panel, multi-layer board and aluminum substrate, which are used in consumer electronics, network communication and computers. Peripheral and automotive electronics. Fang Zhengda believes that the synergy effect of this acquisition is more prominent and can effectively promote the adjustment of the company's overall business structure. Data show that as of December 31, 2013, Founder's total assets were 136 million yuan, with a total revenue of 177 million yuan and a net asset of 46.707 million yuan. The book value is 71.145 million yuan, and the value-added amount is 21,493.30 million yuan. Compared with the purchase price, the value-added rate is 302. According to the announcement, Fang Xiaoqiu and Lan Shunming promised that from 2014 to 2016, Fangzhengda’s net profit was quite different. At 28 million yuan, 34.6 million yuan and 41.14 million yuan, if it is lower than the forecast will be compensated. Among them, the corresponding value should be compensated by the share compensation method for 85.12, and the cash-based compensation for the remaining 14.88. If the forecast is higher than the forecast, the excess portion of 30 can be rewarded to the key management personnel and core technical personnel who are working at the time.

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