LED taillights in the lamp market are growing rapidly

Core Tip: According to the IEK of Taiwan Institute of Technology, the market size of LED lamps will grow from 690 million US dollars in 2007 to 1.2 billion US dollars in 2014. The market penetration rate is 8 and the compound annual growth rate is 13. Among them, the current global penetration rate of LED brake lights is high, and it is expected that the subsequent growth will be relatively slow. As for the headlights, LED lights are still difficult to compete with HID. It is expected that the penetration rate will be only about 3 in 2014. LED taillights will be the fastest growing automotive lights in the next few years. With the popularity of automobiles, the penetration rate of LED taillights in 2014 will increase from 28 this year to 28, and Asia will be the region with the most growth. Lin Zhixun, deputy director of the digital technology field at the Industrial Economics and Trends Research Center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, pointed out that the current market is mainly divided into two areas: interior and exterior, while the main structure of the lamp includes the casing and the light source group, but with advanced light sources. With the development of the system, the product structure of the lamp is becoming more and more complicated. Affected by the global economic downturn, the global auto market is expected to shrink in the short term. According to I-Supply research data, the global auto market will reach approximately 73 million units by 2014, and Asia (by its mainland China market) will remain the focus of growth. . Under the energy cost factor, automotive energy-saving technology is the focus of future development. As the development of the lamp market has also entered a mature stage, advanced light source systems have become the key to the development of car lights. In 2007, the global market for headlights was 13.2 billion US dollars, and by 2014 it is expected to grow to 15 billion US dollars. Among them, the LED lamp market size is about 690 million US dollars, but StrategiesUmlimited expects that the global LED lamp market will grow to 1.2 billion US dollars by 2014, and the LED lamp market penetration rate will be 8 and the compound growth rate will reach 13. The main reason is that LED lights have the advantages of low power consumption, no mercury, dimming, high color rendering, long life, reliable high, etc. LED lights have short reaction time, small size, light weight and point light source, which can not only improve driving. Safety can also improve the use of the car and create the advantages of the car. In terms of safety and design, LED lights are widely used. Among them, especially taillight application and market penetration, the greatest growth. The main reason is that with the sales of millions of national cars imported by Flowserve's Passat and Honda Accord, LED lighting technology has made LED taillights have a high development space in HybridCar, and white LEDs have also been applied to reversing lights. The use of LEDs in taillights will grow rapidly. StrategiesUmlimited expects LED taillights to have a market penetration of around 15 in 2008, but market penetration will grow to 28. By 2011. According to StrategiesUmlimited research, LED applications currently have a market share of 60 in the automotive interior. In terms of market penetration rate of the third lamp, the penetration rate of the application of instrument lights in Europe has reached 90, while the penetration rate of the third LED lamp in the world is about 50. Since the penetration rate of the light source and brake lamp in the car has been High, it is expected that subsequent growth will be relatively slow. In terms of headlights, LED headlamps still face technical obstacles to overcome. Including factors such as luminous flux, cost and parking habits, LEDs are still unable to compete with HID in the short-term market, and must be developed for daytime running lights and fog lights. As LEDs will continue to be dominated by high-end applications in the short-term market, it is estimated that the global market share will be only about 3. In individual markets, the automotive LED application area in 2007 will account for 38% of the North American market and the European market. More than 37. Lin Zhixun said that the United States usually adopts new application technologies faster, but Europe is usually an area where the development of new technologies is mature and popularized at a faster rate. This is not the same as the two major markets. However, because LED lights still have low luminous flux, luminous efficiency, uniform color, heat dissipation and high cost, and the temperature change of the car environment is large, this also leads to the reliability of LED lights. Overall, LED lights are still in the lead-in market, with standard StandardInGaN LEDs as the main product type, and the use ratio of high-power or high-current LEDs is still low.

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