Levi's Year of the Dragon introduced red tannins clothing line

In order to welcome the Year of the Dragon, a lot of design ideas inspired by the dragon are ready to launch. Among them, Levi's, a leading trendsetter, created a blend of Chinese and Western elements of REDvolution tannin in the new quarter of 2012 based on the fusion of Western tannin costumes with the Oriental Beaulieu Totem and the Chinese red and gold lines series. Red has a non-ordinary significance in Levi's brand history, just like a small "red flag" on the right back pocket of jeans, which is the authentic signature design of Xuanmen; the "Redline" in the pants is a classic Historical testimony; there are brand logo over the years is also the use of red and white style, playing red is a matter of course. Just this year is the Chinese most valued Dragon Year, the brand to submarine dragon for inspiration, the red Beaulieu Totem into detail, lurking in the waist of jeans, pants pocket cloth, while the classic brown leather pants The cards are also put on the red to keep abreast of the fun, follow the REDvolution theme this season. Section Details is the debut of the "Red Bull" series, men were 504,520 and 541 respectively three models, which sit firm brand second hand (the first of course is the 501 model) 504 models, but also with primary colors and wash Water effect to choose from, to be more deep "light" with respect. In addition to jeans and red and Beaulieu for the design, but especially with a golden key buckle to send, and attached individually with a small red envelope filled with Chinese New Year color, is absolutely sincere. Women, but also includes 647,687,688,693 and 700 five models, basically collected "wide tight tight waist" and other different cut. Another new Denim Trucker Jacket 207, also in the right chest position spell red bag cover, the Lunar New Year most people look forward to Red Pocket (Lee) visualize, and applied to the design.

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