Luo Luo won a design and supporting contract for a marine vessel

Rolls-Royce has signed a £11 million contract with the Spanish shipyard Gondan to provide design and system support for a wave-piercing marine vessel of the Norwegian Simon Møkster shipping company.
It is reported that the ship is designed for the UT 776 WP type, which can operate under rough sea conditions, maintain stable speed, reduce fuel consumption and increase safety, which is in line with the ship owner Simon M?kster to create the most environmentally friendly fleet. idea. The vessel is also designed to perform missions in the Arctic and is equipped with an oil leak recovery and fire protection system.
The ship will also be equipped with an integrated bridge system from Rolls-Royce, making the ship one of the most modern ships in the current command center and the second such ship to be ordered by Simon M?kster Shipping Company, expected 2016 Delivered annually, the first ship is expected to be delivered by Gondan Shipyard in August this year.
The systems delivered by Rolls-Royce also include a wide range of marine equipment such as Azipull propellers, propellers, DP2 dynamic positioning systems, the latest generation of automation and control systems, and automated offshore fastening systems (ASFA).

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