Major Constraints in the Development of Dialysis Outdoor Shoes Industry

Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to pursue healthy, fashionable and natural lives. They gradually begin to move outdoors. As people's spending power increases and their understanding of outdoor sports concepts deepens, more and more people regard outdoor sports as An important leisure way to work. This greatly activated the strong demand for the outdoor market. On the other hand, facing the ever-increasing temperature of the outdoor shoe market, in order to address the saturation of the traditional sports shoes market, major shoe companies are looking for new growth points, and more and more domestic brands have begun to transition to the outdoor sports direction and involve outdoor shoes. Market, I hope I can get a share.

Statistics show that the annual growth rate of outdoor products exceeds 47% since 2000, and the annual growth rate of total shipments exceeds 43%. In 2010, the annual retail sales of outdoor products exceeded 7.1 billion yuan***. The outdoor shoe market also showed sustained high growth.

Shangpu Consulting's light industry analysts pointed out that the outdoor shoe market has performed strongly, but market data shows that at present, the outdoor shoe market is still only divided by those international brands that have strong reputations. This is mainly because the world's best-selling outdoor shoe brands have accumulated decades of technology, and their technological superiority and professionalism are irreplaceable. The outdoor shoe industry in China started relatively late and the scale is relatively small. These enterprises are lacking in the management of the industry in the development process. Therefore, during the rapid development of the outdoor shoe industry, various problems are inevitable. These problems have seriously hampered the rapid development of the industry. Among them, funds have become the most important constraint to the development of the outdoor shoe industry. Compared with the traditional shoe industry, the outdoor shoe industry puts forward higher requirements on raw materials and production technologies, and its entry barrier is relatively high. Although the high threshold effectively reduces the number of enterprises participating in the industry competition, it requires higher capital requirements for the company. With better raw materials, higher cost expenditures are needed. Investment in production technologies requires a lot of expenses. Want to further expand the scale of the company, to seize the market share is inseparable from the money. Funds have become the most important constraint to outdoor shoe development.

According to the “In-depth Study Report on China's Outdoor Leisure Tourism Products Market Analysis for 2011-2016” published by Champ Consulting, it shows that as the development of outdoor shoe products in China continues to grow, this emerging industry has begun to attract more and more attention from others. The overall development trend of the outdoor shoe industry has shown a flourishing trend. While the domestic outdoor shoe brands have flocked to the market, and although they can obtain a certain market share by virtue of their capital advantages and local channel advantages, their outdoor shoe products are relatively lacking in professional technology. If they do not solve this problem in the short term, they will inevitably be unable to maintain their strength. .

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