Measuring and measuring vehicle

Metering and verification vehicles have completely changed the way that humans carry weights to carry out weighing instruments inspections, and in the past more advanced advanced technology was used to carry out technological innovations on the basis of the use of specialized devices to realize the mechanized handling of weights. The vehicle is a kind of mobile detection device that uses the hydraulic method to simulate the weight to perform static detection and can dynamically detect the vehicle load balancer. The car is convenient and rapid in the inspection operation, and the precision is particularly high, making the highway measurement and inspection more convenient and efficient, and providing the necessary guarantee for the normal charges of the toll gate and other departments. It also improves the quality of transportation.
Measuring and measuring vehicle
Metering and checkweighing vehicles are based on the performance-enhancing, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly chassis that is equipped with a special lifting device for truck-mounted cranes. Use post-platform operation. After a thorough study of the individual requirements of metrology and checking conditions, a large number of adaptive optimization designs were carried out. After adding a set of hydraulic servo loading system to achieve loadless loading, it forms a set of the most advanced road weighing instrument detection system. The weighing device can be tested in a limited airline at a toll station. Measuring and measuring vehicle
Metering and checkweighing machine integrates electric and hydraulic integration, inheriting the advantages of the original checkweigher. And greatly compensated for the shortcomings of the past checkweigher; both save the use of space. It also improves the detection efficiency. As long as the loading tonnage is set during the testing process, the control system will automatically complete the remaining work. At the same time can also be manually adjusted to achieve the required tonnage, automation and high precision, computerized data acquisition and export capabilities, highly automated, convenient, fast and efficient features.

Metrological verification vehicle - the main technical indicators :
The maximum working range of the system The maximum working range of the stand alone leg Measurement error within 3 000 kg does not exceed ± 5 kg;
The stability is stable within the measurement error range of 30s;
The discrimination rate is stable within the measurement error range: 30s.

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It is a special hydraulic test machine,can be use for test specimens like wire, cable, connecting rod, steel wire, steel cable, steel link, metal chain, chain assembly, spring, webbing, rope, anchor chain, hook, piping and metal fasteners are testable.Machine adopting hydraulic drive, electro-hydraulic servo control technology, computer data acquisition and processing, enabling closed-loop control and automatically test high-precision test equipment 

This machine can meet the international test standards of ASTM,ISO,JIS and so on.

Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine

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