Mecoxlane PINK BY EUROMODA debut in Japan, South Korea International Super Model Contest

In a few days ago held in 2009, Japan and South Korea "friendly ambassador" International Supermodel Contest Launching Ceremony, McCaw forest brand PINKBYEUROMODA dazzling debut, becoming the only designated active wear this event. Mecoxlane owns two major women's brands EUROMODA and RAMPAGE. EUROMODA advocates the concept of fast fashion, with the aim of providing fashion and service to customers with premium products, and is committed to creating a stylish, elegant, sweet and lovely female image. RAMPAGE was born in the United States in 1982, with more than 2,500 stores nationwide. Known for its stylish personality and bright colors, there have been a number of international supermodel has its endorsement. It has been introduced into China by McCall Lin and has become the new favorite of Chinese women. The debut PINKBYEUROMODA is a sub-brand of EUROMODA, the target customers are younger, more diverse product styles, fashion-loving young women, providing their own unique style. In PINKBYEUROMODA design, contains the popular elements of Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States and other countries, there are cute and sweet girls series, cool and stylish street series, fresh and natural pastoral series, free and easy marine series. PINKBYEUROMODA continuation of EUROMODA fast fashion concept. Sensitive to capture the world's most popular fashion information, the young McCall Lin designers to show off all over the world to record fashion leaders dressed, but also from the street culture, art exhibitions, major events in search of inspiration to ensure that customers can quickly grasp the taste Variety. The parity is the consistent way McCaw forest. Organizers of the event said that PINKBYEUROMODA closely follow the trend of international fashion trends, with a strong sense of design, ideal for model interpretation, it will strengthen its cooperation. Yin Ying, director of marketing and public relations department at McCaw, said she hopes to find more models for PINKBYEUROMODA through her active participation in this event. It is understood that this Super Model Conference will be held in Seoul, South Korea, and "Xin Wei" magazine powerful alliances, an increase of plane model selection link. The 50 best players from China, Japan and South Korea will participate in the final competition.

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