MGS Man Silver: "Belongs to your love decoration industry"

Lovers are most looking forward to the Tanabata Valentine's Day in midsummer, 2012 Tanabata MGS Manukau launched a more diversified combination of silver. Different from the Western Valentine's Day, the Tanabata, which represents the love of each other, shows the earthly love of each other. Only simple honest, pure silver can most express. 365 days of miss, meet overnight, that is, become a margin of Jinyu. MGS Man Silver for the gift of love, the introduction of Tanabata Valentine's Day "belongs to your love ornaments industry," a new series, so that the love of the symbol of that initial and eternal vows. "Oath" will be vowed engraved into an eternal memory, men's letter K on behalf of KING, Q women's letter QUEEN. "Love Rings": Wood relief embossing like a youthful growth ring, years of love and love perpetuate, the passage of time engraved on the ring, bearing in mind the unchanging imprint of life; "this life alone": when you find that Unique people, you can give your heart to TA, Forever Forever lettering design everything in silence, concise classic couple ring, no doubt it will be your Valentine's Day gift of choice; "Happy faith": the cross represents the faith, you feel simple and simple love most touching? This is the true love of the carved with eternal life. "Rose Love": Precious grape stone with a romantic rose exquisite design, daily wear can highlight the women's intelligence and soft. "Sansei III": romantic and elegant design, lightweight round arc around the wrist in the wrist gentle and smart, inlaid with simple, pure blue crystal, elegant and elegant color, people unconsciously close. "Sanshou fortunate" bright and delicate interlocking, classic three-ring design, bright silver, retro pattern, geometric hollow combination of fashion texture, meaning family, friendship, love;

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