Ministry of Communications Website Performance Evaluation Fourth

Ministry of Communications Website Performance Evaluation Fourth

On December 3, the results of the performance evaluation of the Chinese government website were officially announced during the 13th (2014), and the government website of the Ministry of Transport won the fourth place, up from 2013.

The results of this performance evaluation show that the Ministry of Transport’s government website ranks among the best in government information disclosure, services for the people, interactive interaction between government and citizens, website functions and management, especially in government information disclosure, website message consulting, etc. The effect is more prominent and has been highly evaluated.

It is understood that in the next step, the Ministry of Transport will further strengthen the management of government websites, strive to improve the level of people’s livelihood services on the government’s websites, actively promote the use of Weibo, WeChat and other tools to carry out public opinion guidance work, and give full play to the government’s website in publishing authoritative industry information. , provide high-quality online services, and achieve positive interactions between the government and the people.

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