Najib brand women's fashion industry to create a new industry model

NAGER ( Nagy children ), the country's first international fashion women's commercial brand discount model. We purchase the latest international and domestic fashion companies to integrate the latest fashion, quality sales terminal prices to promote sales and excellent fashion companies at home and abroad to maintain a good strategic alliance. At the same time, Longmei Company devotes itself to the innovation in the traditional fashion industry. With the complete brand management concept and innovative high quality fashion model, the company leads the investment to join the customers to create new business myths and create a brand new industry pattern in the fashion industry.


Brand Category BarndCategories:

NAGER · JEANS - keep up with the trend, young fashion. Emphasis on detail, and easy to mix and match, to create a unique personal style, product cost-effective.
Price positioning pricepositioning: Spring and summer: 100-250 yuan autumn and winter: 120-350 yuan

NAGER · BASIC - the most natural fabrics, the best style to wear, the most difficult to match, this is what BASIC brings us simple and generous. Emphasize comfort and ease of wear.

纳吉儿品牌女装  开创时装界全新的行业模式

Price positioning pricepositioning: Spring and summer: 120-300 yuan autumn and winter: 150-500 yuan

NAGER · COLLECTION - suitable for the elite women in the workplace, capable, stylish, classic atmosphere, personality, not blindfolded fashion.
Price positioning pricepositioning: Spring and summer: 150-300 yuan autumn and winter: 200-600 yuan

Commodity Division BarndLtens:
Clothes Clothes: Tops, Bottoms, Knitwear, Sweaters, Jeans, Leather, Cotton, Down.
Accessories Accessories: bags, scarves, hats, socks, belts, accessories.

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