New regulations force pesticide companies to adjust their marketing strategies

The "one-time-net," "big meritorious," "cleansing," "rehabilitating, and so on." These various names actually represent the same pesticide, imidacloprid. From July 1, they will be uniformly labeled as imidacloprid. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Development and Reform Commission promulgated six new policies for pesticide management, which stipulated that the name of pesticides will be completely suspended from July 1 this year.
The new regulations are about to be implemented. Are pesticide companies ready?

Not long ago, Jiangsu Kesheng Group set up a new label design team composed of the backbones of the marketing department, plant protection department, information center and other departments, and strictly renewed the label of all products of the company in accordance with the provisions of the "Pesticide Labeling and Specification Management." design. Zhejiang Huifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd. is faster, their new logos and new labels have all been produced, and they have begun to be used on some pesticide products and sent to all parts of the country. According to the reporter's understanding, in order to adapt to the new regulations, most pesticide companies are actively planning and embarking on various preparations.

Companies generally reflect that the implementation of the new regulations has prompted companies to adjust their marketing strategies. In the past, companies started to name products in the market, but today they must strengthen the promotion of corporate brands. Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd., Nantong Jiangshan Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xin'anjiang Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Huayang Pesticide Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Red Sun Group have already With a certain reputation, they said in an interview with reporters that in the future, they will put their efforts in creating brand names into more prominent positions, increase their propaganda for enterprises, and allow dealers and consumers to firmly remember Your own company name, because the company name will not change.

In order to retain their brand value after the cancellation of the trade name, some companies are rushing to register the trademark. For instance, Kesheng Group owns China's well-known trademark "Kesheng". "Kai Sheng" under its "full sweep", "tighten the net", "Golden Century" and other products have also become very well-known products. In order to adapt to the cancellation of the pesticide product name, the company basically registered the brand names of the "Kesheng" brand products as trademarks, thereby forming a "mother-child" brand. In addition, the group also made "Kesheng" a shared brand for many of its series of products by focusing on recommending corporate unified image and increasing advertising campaigns.

Many foreign products have already registered product names as trademarks when they enter China, such as Bayer's "Ruijinte" and Syngenta's "Kaifei". Since the beginning of this year, foreign companies have further strengthened the registration of product trademarks, such as the “Geng Jie” and “British Axe” products of Syngenta’s newly-listed products this year, Doosan’s “Loss” and “Thousands of Gold”. Trademark registrations will take place on the new packaging after July 1. Syngenta and other companies also familiarize farmers with new registered trademarks by organizing farmers' training sessions, pesticide promotion conferences, and placing media advertisements.

However, the reporter also learned that at present, there are still some companies that are not actively preparing, and even did not provide label proofs in accordance with the new requirements, which has affected the normal conduct of registration approval and label replacement work. In response to this, the Ministry of Agriculture recently issued an emergency notice of pesticide testing, requiring pesticide production companies to submit new label samples as soon as possible.

In the interview, pesticide companies generally believe that the elimination of pesticides will have a certain impact on the company in the short term, but in the long run, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Yang Shouhai, president of Jiangsu Red Sun Group, said: "A truly powerful company, with its brand and scale advantages, can completely eliminate the adverse effects caused by the cancellation of the product name within a certain period of time, and disturb the market by using only fancy pesticide products. In order to earn unprofitable businesses with unjust enrichment, the implementation of the new policy is undoubtedly a heavy blow."

Insiders pointed out that for pesticide companies, the most important thing at present is to grasp the design and production of new product labels in accordance with the requirements of the new regulations, and at the same time strengthen the protection and construction of brands. Companies that have nurtured well-known products should step up their registration of trademarks as trademarks to avoid the loss of brand value. The company's promotion methods, product promotion methods and strategies must be adjusted accordingly in order to grasp the market competition initiative.

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